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Getting Around in Panama: How to use transportation at any budget

Metro Bus Panama
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How to get around in Panama can be a quandary if you’re not familiar with the country, whether as a visitor or an expat. It’s a country full of transportation options, which can get confusing to any newcomer, and even a bit exhausting. Panama is a rapidly growing country where modes of transportation change (and grow) practically year-to-year. To stay on top of the best ways to get around, we’ve compiled an easy guide to help get you where you need to go, and at any budget. Here are our suggestions on how to do it best! Continue reading »

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Panama Ranked 4th in the Americas for Travel and Tourism Competitiveness

Panama travel ranking by world economic forum
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Panama has been at the center of the world’s conversation about tourism since 2009, with rave reviews and booming visitor numbers helping to push the country to the fore. Between 2009 and 2013, the number of tourists to Panama shot up to 2.2 million per year – a rise of 40% in just 4 years. So what makes up the appeal of Panama? What about the country is so competitive in a world tourism market seemingly festooned with fantastic options? Continue reading »

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Panama’s Economic Outlook for 2014

Panama economic outlook 2014
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Panama is rightfully the economic rising start of Latin America, and 2014 is expected to continue the trend. With economic growth in 2013 estimated at 9%, 2014 should see a very similar growth rate, with a potential of an increased rate. While the global economy is slowly working itself out of a economic meltdown, parts of the E.U. remain troublesome, and the U.S. economy is looking to regain its strength with increased job growth, increased income gains, and resurgence of the real estate market.

Outsourcing, telecommuting, and increased access to information are all leveling the playing field for once isolated nations, and economies are becoming more reliant on the global market than ever before. But when the U.S. credit crisis and real estate market collapse sent ripples throughout the world, Panama held strong. While the past 6 years have shown a shaky economic recovery across the board, Panama continued to post positive growth rates.

2014 is poised to be another landmark year for Panama, and here is why we believe so: Continue reading »

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14 Reasons Why Panama is the Best Place to Retire, Live, and Invest

4 ways to enjoy Panama on a retirement budget
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Panama is truly one of the best places to retire, live, and invest. Here are 14 reasons why: Continue reading »

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World-Class Healthcare in Panama for Half the Cost

Panama health care
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World-Class Healthcare in Panama for Half the Cost compared to Europe and the U.S. Canada offers free health care, but the waiting lists for surgeries are long and only basic services are offered, requiring additional funds to pay for advanced care or procedures. Continue reading »

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Common Challenges for Corporate Relocation

Panama relocation
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The common challenges for corporate relocation include the reasons for considering to relocate and feasibility challenges.

There are cost driven reasons for corporate relocating including lower real estate costs, labor costs, utilities costs, transportation expenses, taxes, and consolidation effectiveness. The problems corporations face in their home countries are rising taxes, higher prices, increasing labor wages, and costly employee benefits. These costs can be mitigated by relocating to another country whose cost of living is a lot less. Continue reading »

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Top 5 Reasons to Retire in Panama

retire in Panama
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Why retire in Panama? Panama has become a top retirement destination according to recent articles in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Here is what these and other publications are listing as the 5 top reasons to retire in Panama:
Continue reading »

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Panama City, Panama: One of the Most Inexpensive Capitals in the World

live in Panama on fixed income
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Recent stories from CNN and the New York Times have raved about Panama City as being one of the most inexpensive capitals in the world.

CNN explained that the Economist newspaper released its Worldwide Cost of Living Survey which placed Panama City as the third cheapest capital city following Tehran, Iran and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and asked the question: Who would want to visit the other two? Continue reading »

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How to Buy a Gun in Panama

guns in panama
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Americans often ask if they can purchase firearms in Panama.  Yes, foreigners who are legal residents in Panama can purchase guns here.  However, there are only a few gun stores in Panama City and the selection is sparse compared to the United States.  While fully automatic weapons are illegal in Panama, one can purchase semi-automatic guns, rifles, revolvers, and shotguns.  Ammunition is readily available for the types of guns sold here. Continue reading »

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