Copa Announces Non-Stop Route from PTY to Denver | Weekly News Roundup, April 21st, 2017

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Copa Announces Non-Stop Route from PTY to Denver

Panama will have another non-stop US route this year, thanks to Copa Airlines. Just about two years after United discontinued their Denver non-stop flights, Copa has announced that they will start flying there.

Copa Airlines will make the trip between DIA and Panama four times a week starting on Dec. 11 of this year. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock says Copa’s new service will strengthen Denver’s role as a global destination.“It will provide avenues for tourism, education and cultural exchanges that will enrich both of our regions for we believe decades to come,” said Hancock. The flights are expected to bring in $26 million in annual revenue and will create 244 new jobs.

Source: CBS Local

MM&P: Tug Shortage Hits Panama Canal Transit Numbers

Only half of the projected number of ships per day are transiting through the new Panama Canal locks due to a lack of staff and infrastructure says the International Organization of Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P), a maritime union whose membership not only includes not only officers on U.S.-flag vessels but also mariners who work on tugs and other vessels in Panama.

East Coast Ports Invested Billions of Dollars in Improvements to Accommodate Panamax Ships — Will the Panama Canal Authority Correct the Problem Before it Gets Worse?

MM&P say that the $9.4 billion investment by the Panama Canal Authority in a third set of locks was supposed to double the tonnage capacity of the Canal. However, according to the Authority’s own transit records, the new locks are operating at about half their anticipated capacity, says MM&P. A shortage of tugs and trained crews has limited the Authority’s ability to efficiently move the mega-ships through the locks. Instead of the anticipated 12 vessel transits per day through the expanded canal, only a maximum of six are being completed.

Source: Marine Log

Panama Arrests 7 in the Slaying of Soccer Player Henriquez

Panamanian authorities say they’ve arrested seven people in the slaying of national soccer team midfielder Amilcar Henriquez. The prosecutor’s office says the suspects were arrested in the Colon region on the country’s Atlantic coast, where Henriquez was shot to death on Saturday. Three of them are reported to be minors.

Sunday’s prosecution statement doesn’t suggest a motive for the killing, but there’s no evidence that a robbery was involved. Authorities say a gunman shot the 33-year-old Henriquez several times, killing at least one other person and wounding a third. Henriquez had been playing for Panama in World Cup qualifiers and for the local team Arabe Unido.

Source: The Washington Post


Panama for Beginners: The basics on relocating to Panama

Relocating to Panama can be a life-changing decision for so many people, for so many different reasons. Whatever your motivation is, relocating to Panama has so much to offer you, especially if you know how to plan, and know what to expect. It’s a big process, with lots of lessons to learn along the way, and a lot of information to take in.

No matter how much research you do online, you won’t get a truly authentic taste of living in Panama until you’ve seen it for yourself. If possible, take a few weeks to visit Panama, and pick out a few potential locations you want to scout out before you arrive. You can do a lot in a little bit of time, so if two weeks isn’t an option, you will still be able to get a good snapshot of the country with a week or so. During this trip, visit realtors for tours to get price estimates, attend expat events if available, check out a supermarket to gauge what the cost of food/supplies is. Most importantly, see if you feel comfortable being there!

Source: POLS Blog


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