Four Great Ways to Spend a Rainy Day in Panama City

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It’s rainy season in Panama, and that means lots of wet afternoons, whether you’re here for a visit or are living in Panama. Panama’s rainy season lasts from May to December, and typically results in fewer tourists, yet better prices when it comes to activities (especially outdoor ones). There’s also still surprisingly lots to do! Here are four great ways we recommend spending a rainy day in Panama.

1. Go to the Biomuseo.

If you really want to experience Panamanian wildlife and nature, and can’t do to rain, there is no better spot to spend and afternoon than the Biodiversity Museum (or “Biomuseo”). The Biomuseo is a Frank Gerhy-designed building that houses the Smithsonian Institutes breathtaking exposition of Panama’s flora and fauna. Admission is $25 for adults, $15 for students, and FREE on Sundays. This is the only way to truly get a first-hand look of natural Panama without having to go into the wild, or spending time outdoors. Don’t miss out.

2. Visit the Canal Museum in Casco.

Most likely, any trip to Panama you plan will be complete with a visit to the Panama Canal, specifically the Miraflores Locks. Even if you live in Panama, this will be one of the first things you’re likely to do. If rain is an issue, you can get a thorough history lesson about the Canal right in Panama City at the Canal Museum in Casco Viejo. There are headphone-guided audio tours in both English and Spanish, and you can get a good grasp on Panama’s history via the Canal in about an hour and a half.

3. Go To a Mall!

You may think that shopping isn’t on your agenda while visiting Panama City, and if you live here, it may seem passe, but Panama City and its suburbs have some of the best malls in all of the Americas. There’s much more to do than shopping, too! Check out the VIP movie theater in Multiplaza, or the ice skating rink inside. Gear up for your next outdoor adventure at Albrook Mall, and check out one of 50+ restaurants and bars between the two. Malls are also great places to people watch and get some exercise if you’re tired of the rain, as they tend to be very large, and have great climate control to make it extra comfy.

4. Explore Panama City Cafes.

Panama City has a burgeoning cafe culture, and a rainy day is the perfect day to experience it. Aside from the incredible Panama coffee, you can get to know a lot about local art, music, and culture by visiting some of Panama City’s best coffee shops. Check out Cafe Unido (in Casco or Marbella), Metiritas Blancas, Bajareque, or Athanasiou to get a good cross-section to start. All of these cafes, as well as the city’s hundreds of others, typically offer free WiFi, relaxing music, gourmet food, and (of course) great coffee. Bring your camera, too! Many of Panama’s best cafes are housed in some of the city’s most unique buildings and neighborhoods, and all will provide you with a fantastic refuge from the inclement weather outdoors.

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