Four Reasons Panama’s “Beaches” Region is Right for You

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If you’re planning on relocating to Panama, you’ve got a lot of options for a lot of budget and lifestyle choices. One of the most popular destinations for expats who want to relocate or retire has been the “Playas”, or “beaches” area of Panama. This area consists of about 30km (or 20 miles) of beach communities and rural developments that stretch from Chame to Playa Blanca. The most popular area for expats within this region is Coronado, followed closely by Gorgona and San Carlos. Both are within a two-hour drive from Panama city. In the beaches region you’ll find lots of expats, lots of nature, and lots of ways to enjoy the Panama lifestyle and community. Here are four reasons we think you’ll love living there!

Gorgona, Panama


1. Large Expat Community.

For many expats, the transition to living comfortably abroad can be a bit rocky, and a bit lonely, especially in the beginning. Because of this, many expats choose to live in expat-friendly communities to soften the initial blow. The beaches area probably has the most active expat community of anywhere in the country. There are networking events amongst them, social events, community meetings, and plenty of places to enjoy a good meal or a cold beer with expat-run small businesses. It’s also a community that largely speaks English, which helps for those who move to Panama with little to no previous experience with Spanish.

2. Access to Panama City.

Some people love to live remotely. Some love to live in the heart of a big city. In the beaches area of Panama, you get something in between. No town in this region comes even close to being urban, however the entire area is just an hour to two drive away from Panama City. This is great for things like immigration trips, selective healthcare, welcoming friends, shopping, or just taking a break from the sun and sand for a little city action. It also makes services in the area more modern, as city amenities don’t need to travel to far to come to you.

3. Great Properties.

While places like Coronado, and even Gorgona are not “cheap”, they are still much more affordable than those in the city, or other international seafront communities. There are properties for every budget in Panama’s beach area, and you can live right on the sand, or inland a bit in the comfort and style that your tastes and budget dictate. Beach condo buildings all have 24-7 security, public meeting areas, services, and sometimes even restaurants, spas, daycare, and small grocery stores. Regardless of what type of property you’re looking for, you’ll find a good deal out in the beaches.

4. The Beach!

Yes, it sounds self explanatory, but the most important part of living in the beaches area is the actual beach. Panama is hot year-round, and in this area, there is very little rain, even in the wet season. This means you can go out and take in some sun, splash in the waves, or hop on a boat pretty much all year. It also creates an incredible laid-back atmosphere that the tropics is famous for, with cool breezes, soothing sounds of waves, and unbeatable sunsets right outside your window or front door. If you love the beach, why not live there?

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