Health authorities hunt for missing arriving China passenger who gave false information. : Weekly News Roundup, February 17th, 2020

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Health authorities hunt for missing arriving China passenger who gave false information.

Panamanian authorities are trying to locate an airline passenger who arrived at from China on February 5 and gave false information Xoxinquiao Zhang last week, who was in China and gave false information when he entered the country on February 5.

Lourdes Moreno, director of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health,(Minsa) clarified said in Telemetro Report on Monday. February 17 that at the time of entering the country temperature tests were done and Xoxinquiao Zhang was entered in the Ministry database for follow up because he was in an area affected by the new coronavirus.

The monitoring of health authorities consists of daily calls and home visits. When trying to make the home visit it was found that he had provided false information to Migration and Customs.

According to Moreno, the foreigner provided a false address. hence, the search carried out has the support of the National Migration Service, the National Security Council and the Chinese Embassy in Panama.

Source: Newsroom Panama

Panama recaptures man convicted in murder of students.

Panamanian police on Thursday recaptured a Dominican man convicted of kidnapping and murdering five young people of Chinese descent, two weeks after he escaped prison for a second time.

National Police Director Jorge Miranda told local media that Gilberto Ventura Ceballos was found in the province of Chiriquí bordering Costa Rica.

Authorities had announced Feb. 4 that Ventura Ceballos had escaped. The latest escape prompted the resignation of the country’s security minister and the firing of the interior minister.

Ventura Ceballos was sentenced along with a fellow Dominican accomplice to 50 years in July 2018 for the abduction and killing of the five university students about a decade ago. He acknowledged murdering them and burying them beneath the floor of a home in the town of La Chorrera west of Panama City, authorities say.

Source: Seattle Times

Panama modifies incentives for homeporting cruise ships.

Panama made modifications to the reimbursement plan for Panama Canal transits by cruise lines that establish homeport operations in the country.

As now modified, for operations during 2020, a 100% refund of the Canal toll will be provided for lines that show 80% of passengers embarked in Panama are international.

The refund goes to 90% in 2021, 80% in 2022, 70% in 2023 and 60% in 2024. In all cases, 80% of the passengers embarked in Panama must be international.

Source: Seatrade Cruise


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