The 5 Best Things to Do in Panama in 2017

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We’re off to a great start here in Panama in 2017 so far, and this year looks to be a great one when it comes to living in Panama or visiting Panama. As a country that’s always on the go, there’s plenty of new things to do and explore each year. In the spirit of Carnaval, and a fresh start, here are our top 5 best things we think you should do in Panama in 2017. Let us know if we missed anything!

Panama in 2017!

1. Go to the Biodiversity Museum:

If you haven’t been to this museum yet, now is the time to do it. It’s only been open for about 2.5 full years, but is more and more getting recognized as a go-to for tourists, students, and locals. At the Biodiversity Museum, you can see hundreds of different flora and fauna from Panama, and learn about all of them in a real-life environment. The building itself is inspiring, and it’s easy to access from any part of Panama City.

2. Check out the Pedro Mandinga Rum Distillery:

Panama is known for rum, so this new business should come as a surprise to no one. Panama now has its first artisanal rum distillery and bar, that’s one of the most unique (and authentic) cocktail experiences you can have anywhere in the country. Pedro Mandinga is run by the great folks at La Rana Dorada, and are bringing the spirit of craft distilleries and craft cocktails to the next level. Pedro Mandinga is beautifully decorated and in a fantastic property in Casco Viejo. Make sure to stop by on your next trip to the “old town.”

3. Check out the Panama International Film Festival (IFF Panama):

This is another annual even that’s still in its infancy, yet should be on your agenda for 2017 and many years to come. Panama has a burgeoning film scene, and this festival does a brilliant job of showcasing it to the world. Each year has grown in recognition and scale, and it’s a wonderful way to both experience Panamanian culture, and support local arts all at the same time. The festival is in Panama City, and runs from March 30th- April 5th.

4. Hit up Playa Venao:

This beach area in the Azuero Peninsula has improved a lot over the years, especially when it comes to sustainable infrastructure and ecotourism. Playa Venao is one of Panama’s best beaches, and a great place to experience unspoiled nature, with enough infrastructure to be comfortable and have fun. With enough new hotels, camping, and hostels, 2017 will be a stellar year to visit. Go soon, as this beach has the potential of being overdeveloped in the future, as demand for tourism there increases so quickly each year.

5. Go to Carnaval!:

This is a can’t-miss event in Panama no matter what the year, and if you’re here for it, and don’t celebrate, you may regret it. Carnaval in Panama holds so much more value than just parties and music. It’s also a fantastic way of soaking in traditional culture, modern culture, and how Panama blends them all together. There are events, parades, and parties in practically every town and neighborhood, so no matter where you are, you’ll find something you like. Go out and enjoy this yearly mega event. You’ve got four more days to do it!

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