Panama president declares public holiday after national team reach WC: Weekly News Roundup, October 13th, 2017

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Panama president declares public holiday after national team reach WC

Panama president Juan Carlos Varela has declared Wednesday a public holiday in the country after the national team qualified for their first ever World Cup.

Panama beat Costa Rica 2-1 in Panama City on Tuesday and that result coupled with United States losing 2-1 at Trinidad and Tobago allowed Los Canaleros to finish third in the CONCACAF standings behind Mexico and Costa Rica, with the top three securing automatic qualification.

Varela wrote on Twitter after the game: “The voice of the people has been heard; celebrate Panama’s historic day. Tomorrow will be a national holiday.” Varela announced that workers would be given the day off while schools will be closed in order for people to celebrate their national team’s feat with their families.

He then shared a photograph of himself signing the decree with a message that said: “You deserve it.”

Source: ESPN Soccernet

Viking Air sells Panama a second Twin Otter for troop transport, medical support role.

Viking Air Limited of Victoria, BC, has sold its second Series 400 Twin Otter to the government of Panama for use by its Servicio Nacional Aeronaval (SENAN) Air Group based in Cocoli, Panama. The aircraft is scheduled for delivery in December 2017.

SENAN is the organization within Panama’s national forces that is responsible for public security through use of naval and air means.

The Viking Series 400 will be equipped with standard wheel gear for its primary role as troop and cargo transport, and will also be configured for medical evacuation to support emergencies as needed, the company noted. The aircraft will be the second Twin Otter to be introduced to SENAN’s operational fleet, and will join the first Viking Series 400 aircraft delivered in December 2016.

Source: Ottawa Citizen

Report: Panama Canal, Eastern US Ports See More Traffic After $5B Expansion.

The Panama Canal reportedly saw an “unprecedented” increase in shipping cargo in the first nine months of the year as larger ships gained access to the newly expanded waterway for the first time.

Officials told The Wall Street Journal that through last week, the canal saw a 23 percent increase in cargo tonnage for 2017 to date compared to the same period last year.

The numbers came more than 15 months after construction to expand the more than 100-year-old canal wrapped up. Since late June of 2015, more than 2,000 ships passed through the canal that would not have been able to fit through previously.

The expansion cost more than $5 billion over nine years and included construction delays, labor strife and cost overruns. Critics suggested that a stagnant shipping market meant that Panama would not see the return on the massive investment that it expected.



No car? No problem! How to navigate living in Panama without owning a vehicle.

If you’ve been living in Panama for some time, you’ve probably heard the old adage “you need a car to live here.” This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Having a car is not just a convenience for most Panamanians, it’s also a luxury. And this luxury, while helpful for many, can actually be a burden for others.

When it comes down to it, some people need (or are greatly convenienced by) to have a car, but more often than not, especially if you live in the city, it’s an unnecessary expense and headache. If you’re one of the people that falls into the latter category, we’ve got some tips for you. Here are our best suggestions on how to live in Panama without owning a vehicle, and still make the best of your day-to-day life.

Source: POLS Blog


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