Panama sets sights on foreign film Oscar, and we show you how to live on a fixed income. – Weekly News Roundup, September 20th.

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly Offshore Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Oscar 2017 Predictions: Panama Submits ‘Salsipuedes’ to represent the Country

Panama’s film industry continues its monumental climb to international recognition, and film art appreciation. This year, Panama again has set the bar high with “Salsipuedes”, a gritty slice of life film that has resonated with many Panamanians. Now, the hopes are that it will resonate with international audiences, as it has been submitted to the Academy for Oscar consideration.

The film tells the story a young boy, Andres Pimienta, who is sent to the United States to be kept away from bad influences, but returns 10 years later and meets his father, Bobby. Panama made history in 2014 when it submitted its first film “Invasion.” Last year it submitted its second, “Box 25″ but the film did not make the final list of submissions.

Source: Latin Post

Panama’s Baha’i Temple, a haven of peace

Did you know that Panama City has a world-renowned Baha’I temple? Well, if you didn’t, you’re not alone. You should, however, take the time to visit it while you’re here.

“People who come to visit us can’t believe that this place exists in such a difficult and chaotic environment,” Abdiel Gonzalez, the director of the worship center for the religion founded in Iran in the 19th century, told EFE. The temple, located in San Isidro, one of Panama City’s most depressed and violent districts, was inaugurated in 1972 and over the years it has become one of the capital’s most highly recommended tourist destinations.

About 2,000 tourists visit the temple each month, most of them Europeans, Americans and Canadians, attracted by its spectacular views, possibly the best in the city, and its quiet and peaceful gardens.

Source: Fox News Latino

Totally tropical treats: From the vibrant South Pacific to the Panama Canal – try one of these thrillingly exotic jaunts

Earlier this month, there was a great write-up by the UK’s The Daily Mail about unique, exotic trips, and Panama made the list. More and more, Panama is seen as a go-to destination for travel worldwide, and that reputation is certainly helping Panama’s tourism and growth.

Tale of Two Oceans

A trip along the Panama Canal is just one of many highlights on this 15-night Holland & America cruise. The fun starts in Florida and ends on the other side of the States in California with an abundance of adventure along the way.

Hot ticket: Explore the cobbled 16th-century plazas in Cartagena, Colombia’s most atmospheric city, before bathing in waterfalls, hiking around active volcanoes and spotting alligators in Costa Rica.

Source: The Daily Mail

How to Live in Panama on a Fixed Income

If you’re planning on moving to Panama for work, retiring, or even just visiting for an extended period of time, you’ll need to plan a budget that works for you. For many people, this is done under the parameters of a limited fixed income. But don’t fret! There are plenty of great ways to live on practically any budget. Here is our brief guide to help you along the way.

Find affordable housing

Many people who come to Panama without doing much research first will find that their first impression of the real estate market is that it’s expensive. That’s because in Panama, much like anywhere else, there is an enormous variety when it comes to housing type, prices, and whom places are marketed to. If you shop around, and do some thorough due diligence with trusted realtors, you will find some great deals for both rentals and purchases. Remember, the center of Panama City is largely more expensive than other, less central areas, so looking at places a few miles out of downtown will save you thousands over time.

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