Panama Ranks #1 in World Well-Being Index – Weekly News Roundup, June 26th.

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly Offshore Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Copa Airlines begins service between New Orleans and Panama

Copa’s latest US direct route is now open for business! This week, Copa inaugurated their new New Orleans route with lots of local fanfare and flavor in the Crescent City. This is Copa’s 13th US direct destination and a big move for the Southeast US market.

The first direct flight connecting New Orleans and South Louisiana to Panama City, Panama, took off on Thursday. “New Orleans has needed to be able fly internationally to different parts of the world,” said Tiffany Green, a passenger on the flight. People in the Crescent City and the surrounding areas will now have direct access to more than five dozen international cities.

“Just until last night, the air service connectivity was very limited. So we’re putting into the hands of New Orleans basically an opportunity to get easy access to the heart of Latin America, which is Panama — what we call our hub of the Americas. From there, (we offer) immediate connections to 55 destinations in Central (and) South America and the Caribbean,” said Fernando Fondevila, Copa’s commercial regional manager for the USA, Mexico and Canada.



US Slips In World Well-Being Rankings; Panama Is #1.

Panama is known for being a happy, high quality of living country, and they’re finally starting to get recognition for it. This year, for the second year in a row, Panama ranked as #1 in Gallup’s Global Well-Being Index.

Panama took the top spot for the second straight year in the Gallup-Healthways Country Well-Being report, with Costa Rica second. Switzerland was the top European country, in fourth. At No. 23, the U.S. is one spot behind Israel and one ahead of Canada.

If you’re looking to boost your own well-being, you might want to boost your leisure activities — maybe even take a vacation. As NPR reported in 2009, the benefits can include “lower blood pressure, lower stress hormones and smaller waists.”



East Coast Ports Could See a Substantial Traffic Boost From Panama Canal Expansion –Report

The Panama Canal expansion will have lots of ancillary benefits to businesses and ports around the world. But according to a recent report, the East Coast United States may see some of the biggest benefits of all. Here’s why.

The nearly-decade-long modernization of the canal will have “profound effects” on the ways goods move around the world, the report’s authors, with The Boston Consulting Group and logistics company C.H. Robinson Worldwide Inc. said. West Coast ports will lose market share, their report found, while truck and rail investment may need to shift to accommodate new domestic routes.

The new Panama Canal “promises to reorient the landscape of the logistics industry and alter the decision-making calculus of the shippers that the canal serves,” the report said.

Source: The Wall St. Journal


Top 5 Attractions in Panama City, Panama

If you’re staying in Panama City for a short time, or planning on relocating here, there’s plenty to keep you busy as far as attractions. From big city fun to historical tours, there’s something for everyone. Here is a brief excerpt from one of our latest blogs:

Casco Viejo

No trip to Panama is complete without a trip to Casco, and as far as must-see landmarks, this has to top the list. Casco is an old, Spanish Colonial-style neighborhood with some of the most antique and interesting architecture around. It’s also the city’s busiest tourist area with top boutique hotels, shops, and restaurants adorning nearly every street in this quaint, walk-able neighborhood. If you’re not staying there, it’s a quick and inexpensive ride from downtown and the financial district.

Read more about the best attractions in Panama City

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