Panamanian Isthmus believed to be millions of years older than thought. – Weekly News Roundup, August 19th.

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Isthmus of Panama formed three million years ago, later than thought

Surprise! Panama is actually much, much older than you think. In fact, it could be older by up to 20 million years. When studying the formation of the continents, scientists had estimated the forming of the isthmus to have happened around 3 million years ago. Now, they’re changing their tune.

Understanding the Isthmus’ formation is thus a crucial step in understanding how and why marine life in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans started evolving independently from each other, as well as how the terrestrial mammals on the American continent became diversified.

Four decades ago, findings from a deep-sea drilling programme had already pinpointed timing of the formation of the Isthmus to around 3 million years ago. However, recent studies had challenged this view, pointing out the Isthmus could in fact be much older, between 6 and 23 million years old. The present study, published in the journal Science Advances, thus sought to settle this debate, and to get new clues about the evolution of wildlife around the Isthmus, millions of years ago.

Source: International Business Times


Mutual Partnership Between Panama and Barbados Will Benefit Both Countries

The Government of Barbados, pushed by and emphasis from the prime minister’s office, is looking to strengthen its ties with Panama. Both countries share a certain amount of cultural and economic history, and are both integral parts of the Caribbean economy.

The prime minister noted that Barbados and Panama have enjoyed a cordial and productive relationship since they established diplomatic relations in August 1975.

“The government of Barbados recognize that Panama is a reservoir of potential philanthropy, social and political capital and a conduit for trade, investment, and tourism for Barbados. To this end, the government of Barbados has made a conscious commitment to pursuing all opportunities available in and by way of Panama, and to fully engaging the untapped human capital of Barbadian descendants of Panama in support of this effort. Barbados also embraces the Barbadian Diaspora in Panama,” he stated.

Source: Atlanta Black Star


First Suezmax oil tanker begins transit through expanded Panama Canal

This week, the first Suezmax tanker crossed the newly expanded Panama Canal, making history for the historic waterway. It’s just the beginning of what will be thousands of such tankers to cross each year, as the Canal increases its capacity and shipping traffic.

Suezmax-sized vessels, which can carry some 1 million barrels of oil, were unable to pass through the canal prior its expansion. The new canal may help open new trade routes for oil. The expanded Panama Canal, which opened in late June, got off to a rocky start when one Chinese container ship hit a wall during transit, gashing the side of the ship and necessitating repairs. Other ships had bumped into the canal’s fenders, even ripping one off, when passing through the new locks. The destination of the Aegean Unity was not immediately clear. It was previously in San Francisco, according to Reuters vessel tracking data.

Source: Reuters


Beginner’s Guide to Casco: Panama City’s most popular destination

Casco Viejo is one of Central America’s most popular tourist destinations, and the historical gem of Panama City. Often referred to as the “Old City”, Casco is home to some of the best nightlife, architecture, dining, and sight seeing around. Here is a taste of our beginner’s guide on what to do/see/eat, from our latest blog post.

Shop local. Panama City has so many shopping options, you can spend days going around the city checking out malls, street stores, and outdoor shopping plazas. Casco, however, is unmatched when it comes to local, artisan shopping and boutiques. The locals rely on small business shopping in Casco, and you’ll find authentic, well priced items that run the gamut as far as diversity and creativity. Shopping local (in Casco) will endear you to the neighborhood, whether you’re a tourist, or an expat.

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