Panamanians Ranked 2nd Happiest in World, Martinelli visits Israel, and more – Weekly News Roundup, May 30th

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly Offshore Roundup. This week, we take a look at a local burger competition. The outgoing president heads to Israel, and canal planners make way to save the Whales. Here’s the latest:

Commercial Shipping Lanes Changed in Panama to Save Humpback Whales

Shipping and logistics are important to Panama. Apparently, so is marine wildlife. This week, Panama’s plans to implement a strategic separation of shipping lanes for ships heading into its waters were approved by the International Maritime Organization. These plans were specifically designed to move the ships away from the common routes used by humpback wales, which swim in and out of the area.

Several cetacean species move through the tropical waters near the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal in the Gulf of Panama. With Smithsonian ecologist Richard Condit, intern Betzi Perez-Ortega and colleagues from Whalesound Ltda. in Chile and the College of the Atlantic in Maine, Guzman recently published results from six seasons in Panama’s Las Perlas Archipelago.

Based on photo identifications of nearly 300 individual humpback whales, including 58 calves, they estimated the total population at more than 1,000 animals that visit year-round and matched them to individuals sighted from the Antarctic Peninsula, Chile and Colombia. They concluded that the Archipelago, only 60 kilometers (40 miles) from the Pacific entrance to the Canal, is an important breeding area for humpback whales from the Southern Hemisphere.

Source: Smithsonian Science


Panama’s Martinelli Visits Israel

Outgoing Panamanian President and businessman, Ricardo Martinelli, was in Israel this week to conduct bilateral talks with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and to show his country’s support for the Mideast nation. He also discussed potential business partnerships between the two countries, including the possibility of new non-stop flights from the Israeli capital direct to Panama City.

During the official visit to the country, Martinelli also met with Israeli President Shimon Peres, saying he was “convinced that the relations between the two countries will continue to develop.”

Martinelli also said the two countries were in the process of signing a free trade agreement that could be ready within a few months.

“For us, Panama is not a point on a map, it is a place in our hearts, because we have a great friendship with Panama,” Peres said. “We appreciate the love and support given to our country by this administration.”

Source: Caribbean Journal


Burger Week Panama: juicy deals, playful patties

“Burger Week” is coming to Panama, starting June 1st, and will be a tasty treat for burger lovers out there. Following up this year’s “Restaurant Week” is no small task, but organizers plan on giving Panama City residents another great foodie event to further add to the cultural diversity of the area. The event will showcase some of the city’s top restaurants, as well as some new up-and-comers, and give people the opportunity to try some burgers they may not see every day.

From Sunday, June 1 through Tuesday, June 10, Burger Week Panama will bring together 15 of the City’s top restaurants, which will be offering deals on specially-created burger meals. These “Burger Week Specials,” made just for this event, will come with a side dish and a beer or soft drink. After sampling the various menus, diners are invited to vote for their favorite, adding a layer of friendly competition to the ten-day event.

Source: The Visitor Panama


Panama Ranked 2nd Happiest Country in the World According to Gallup Poll

You can’t buy happiness. But according to a recent study done by Gallup, you can live in places that make you happier. Earlier this month, Panama was ranked as the world’s 2nd happiest country in the world, based on a survey of people in 138 countries. Though it may come as no surprise to people who live here, 9 of the top ten countries were also in Latin America, with Paraguay taking the top spot at #1. Here’s what the study was based on:

“Experiencing positive emotions was defined as smiling or laughing, experiencing enjoyment, being treated with respect, feeling well-rested, and learning or doing something interesting in the previous day. Survey data from about 1,000 residents in each of 138 countries was used for the report.

Overall, the majority of people reported feeling positive emotions, Gallup researchers found. At least seven out of 10 adults surveyed overall reported laughing or smiling a lot, feeling well-rested, being treated with respect or experiencing enjoyment in the previous day, while a bit more than half reported learning or doing something interesting the previous day.”

Read more from our latest about the worldwide happiness study.

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