Panama’s rare turtle population under threat. Corozal calls international tender. – Weekly News Roundup, October 14th

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly Offshore Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Panama calls international tender for the Port of Corozal

The Panama Canal has published the tender files for the concession, design, construction, development and operation of a container port in the area of West Corozal on the east bank of the waterway Pacific entrance. Here’s how it breaks down.

The four pre-qualified companies have until 3 February, 2017 to submit their financial proposals in compliance with the tender requirements to compete for the 20-year concession. After a process in which it received proposals from seven international companies, the Panama Canal announced last April that four firms had been prequalified to participate in the bidding for the Corozal box terminal.

The four port operators are: APM Terminals (Holland); Terminal Link (France); PSA International (Singapore), and Terminal Investment Limited (Holland). The development of a container port in Corozal West is part of the Panama Canal strategy of business diversification in order to maintain their competitiveness and increase their contributions to the country, the ACP said in a statement.

Source: Seatrade Maritime News

Why These Retirees Left The States To Become Coffee Farmers In Panama

As you already know, Panama is a haven for expat retirees, and draws some of the most interesting, dedicated, and unique people to come live in the country. Here’s a great story of a couple, who left the US to become coffee farmers in Panama.

“People find Panama surprising,” says Marianne Tobin, 76, of the country where she now spends much of her time. “Many think only of the canal zone or the beautiful tropical areas. They have no idea that Panama has pine trees and meadows reminiscent of Switzerland.”

For Marianne and her son Jeff Owens, Panama had more than pine trees and meadows in store. The highlands of Veraguas are known for their coffee, thanks to a combination of warm weather, plenty of rainfall, rich soil, and abundant shade trees. Farmers around the rural town of Santa Fe have been growing coffee for generations. A large coffee processing plant sits in the middle of town, and the distinctive aroma of roasting beans drifts through the air. All this made Santa Fe the perfect spot for the two to own and operate a coffee farm in retirement.

Source: The Huffington Post


Endangered sea turtles in Panama under threat from stray dogs, poachers

Hundreds of olive ridley sea turtles lay their eggs every year on beaches along Panama’s Pacific coast, but their hatchlings face numerous threats to survival — both at sea and from stray dogs and poachers.

All along the coast of the small Punta Chame peninsula in central Panama, about 62 miles southwest of the capital, stray dogs roam and prey on the eggs lay in nests dug into the dry sand. Gerardo Alvarez, a biologist and project coordinator for the Tortuguias Foundation, told EFE that his team has had to monitor the coast at night and relocate eggs in fenced-in nurseries to keep them safe.

“This dog predation scenario has spread all over the world. Many don’t have an owner and eggs are the easiest way for them to cover their nutritional needs, while they also attack adult turtles and partially devour them,” the marine wildlife expert said.

Source: Fox News Latino


Top 4 Things to Do During 1-Week Trip to Panama

If you’re looking at relocating to Panama, retiring in Panama, or investing in Panama, you’re going to want to check out the country for yourself first. Panama is easy to get to from anywhere in the Americas, as well as Europe, and makes for a great “research” trip, as well as a vacation. But if you’re a busy person, like most of us, you may not have too much time. Here are our top 4 things to do if you’ve only got one week to spend in Panama!

Spend some time walking around Casco Viejo

The most popular tourist neighborhood in Panama City also happens to be one of its most walkable. Due to its size and density, you can see pretty much all of Casco in just about 2 hours. This can be a morning event, afternoon stroll, or a night on the town. Either way, you can do it in just part of a day, and still enjoy most of what the area has to offer. Also, with a week, if you love it, you can plan a few afternoons there, as long as you’re still in Panama City. Even if you have a late flight, you can tour Casco day-of, and not miss a thing.

Continue reading about things to do during a 1-week trip to Panama.

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