Panama’s retirement draw continues to grow. Holidays in November in full swing. – Weekly News Roundup, November 14th.

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

SITE Global Conference illuminates Panama for incentives

The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence (SITE) Global Conference in Panama, 5-7 November, featured compelling education, some dazzling events and tours, which all helped illuminate host country Panama as an emerging incentive destination.

Three hundred attendees from 31 countries came together to discuss the big issues in the incentives industry, as well as taking a deep dive into Panamanian culture. Delegates attended an evening reception at the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal, an Annual General Meeting of members which featured updates from both SITE and the SITE Foundation and an Incentive Marketplace where buyers and sellers could mingle.

Serving a second term as SITE President in 2017, Rajeev Kohli, CIS, said: “I am speechless for words to express my gratitude to our Panamanian hosts, our members, our staff and especially my international board. You just know when a job is well done; you know when you are allowed to swell up with pride. So privileged to lead the SITE family into 2017.”

Source: Conference & Meeting World

Theodore Roosevelt embarks for visit to Panama: Nov. 9, 1906

This past week was an historic one in the United States, especially due to the Presidential election. However, it also marked a very important date in Panamanian/American relations, and a learning point for the future, as far as the age American imperialism and exploration.

On this day in 1906, Theodore Roosevelt, the nation’s 26th president, became the first chief executive to travel abroad while in office. Accompanied by his wife, Edith, Roosevelt embarked for Panama from Chesapeake Bay aboard the U.S.S. Louisiana, a 16,000-ton battleship commissioned in June of that year.

Roosevelt’s visit came three years after the United States extended military support to the Panamanians, who had revolted against Colombian rule. (The chief engineer of the New Panama Canal Co. organized the revolt.) At the time, Roosevelt sent the battleship U.S.S. Nashville and a detachment of U.S. Marines to support the rebels.

Source: Politico

6 Retirement Havens in Panama

Panama, as we have covered extensively over the past few years, is a prime location for retirement. So prime, in fact, that there are many different areas competing to draw the most, and best retirees to come settle there. In a recent article, Kathleen Pedicord lays our her case for 6 of the best. What is your take?

City Beaches. The nearest beach destination to Panama City has become an extension of the city itself as well as a weekend escape. Coronado, the best known of the points along this stretch of coastline, is not a luxury living option. Coronado is mid-market and overrun with tourists, foreign and domestic. That’s a good thing for the rental property investor, but doesn’t make for an ideal get-away-from-it-all beach escape. However, other City Beaches spots offer both comfort and privacy at a fraction of the cost of a fully appointed coastal lifestyle in many other parts of the world.

East Coast of the Azuero Peninsula (Chitré, Las Tablas and Pedasí). The east coast of Panama’s Azuero Peninsula has been attracting retirees for the past dozen years and remains an appealing option for a more rustic coastal lifestyle. The area is adding shopping and services, but doesn’t yet have the variety of top-line condo and beach house options you find along the City Beaches coast.

Source: Yahoo

4 Things to Know About Panama’s Month of National Holidays

We’re square in the middle of Panama’s busiest holiday month, and there are still more holidays to come! November is a month of remembrance, celebration, and fun in Panama, with nearly a full week of patriotic holidays spread throughout. In our latest blog post, we tell you about what to expect, and how to get the most out of this wonderful time each year.

Most non-essential businesses are closed

During the November holidays, most small and large businesses close on each date, and often for a day or two after, especially if it falls next to a weekend. This can be frustrating if you’re trying to run errands, but it’s a well earned and necessary break for most workers in the country. If you’re in a tourist area, you’ll see plenty of bars and restaurants open, and the country’s big supermarket chains stay open as well. We recommend that if you have any official, important errands or tasks, you get them out of the way before or after November, or at least during the holiday dates themselves.

Everyone heads to the beach and countryside

During the holidays, most Panamanians that have the resources to, will leave the city. This means that Panama’s beaches, mountain towns, and touristy country areas will be packed with visitors. A trip to the beach during the holidays can be a lot of fun, but if you’re not into partying and lots of noise, we recommend a more quiet escape, or staying in the city. The city is relatively empty during this time, which is a nice break from noise and traffic, but if you want to really experience the party flavor, you should definitely head into the interior of the country.

Continue reading about Panama’s month of national holidays

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