Pittsburgh to Panama? Airport Authority in Talks With Copa Airlines | Weekly News Roundup, May 12th, 2017

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Pittsburgh to Panama? Airport Authority in Talks With Copa Airlines

After landing nonstop flights to Iceland and Frankfurt, Pittsburgh International Airport is turning its eye south to Panama. The Allegheny County Airport Authority is talking to Copa Airlines about starting service to Panama City. Christina Cassotis, the authority’s CEO, has had conversations with the airline about flights between Pittsburgh and Panama City, spokeswoman Alyson Walls confirmed.

“There’s nothing imminent. There’s no timetable. It’s part of that overall international air service strategy. She thinks they would be a good fit for here,” Ms. Walls said.

Ms. Cassotis mentioned the talks during a recent breakfast meeting. She also discussed the possibility of landing Copa during an interview after becoming the authority’s CEO in 2015.

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Changes in Tectonic Activity May Have Shaped Composition of Panama Canal Rocks

Changes in the composition of magma may have caused variations in the Panama Canal volcanic rock formations, according to a study published May 10, 2017 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by David Farris from Florida State University, and colleagues.

The Earth’s crust is divided into tectonic plates and a chain of volcanoes can often appear in areas where one plates is pushed under another. Studying these locations can improve our understanding of how the Earth’s crust is formed.
The authors of the present study examined volcanic formations along the Panama Canal, which formed when the Panama block and South America collided approximately 21 to 25 million years ago. The researchers constructed geochemical models of these rock formations, and they identified some significant differences in their physical structure and chemical composition.

Source: Phys.org

VML Chicago Reveals New Panama Tourism Campaign Aimed at the Un-Tourist

Forget all that drivel that too often passes for tourism advertising these days. The VML Chicago ad agency has boldly gone in an entirely different direction in concocting a new, uh, tourism campaign for the Central American nation of Panama.

You know. That place where the Panama Canal is located? Which may be about the only thing most people would admit to knowing about Panama if asked point blank.

But those consumers who pay attention to VML’s new digital tourism ad campaign will discover that Panama — hold on to your rollerboards — is actually not for tourists. At least the typical tourist seen lounging around on a beach with drink in hand or crammed on a tour bus.

Source: Chicago Business Journal


The Hub of The Americas: How Panama leads the way in shipping and logistics

Panama has long been known as the “hub of the Americas”, and one of the most significant transportation and logistics countries in the world. Panama has some of the most international flights leaving and arriving (connections or otherwise) in the world, and certainly the region, with more being added every year. Panama also facilitates the world’s biggest ships, and plays a part in practically every facet of global, sea-based trade in the western hemisphere, especially cross-oceanic trade.

Obviously, if you’re planning on moving to Panama, investing in Panama, or retiring to Panama, you’ve heard of the Panama Canal. But did you know just how important trade is to the small isthmus nation? Panama exports about $700 million worth of goods and services each year, while importing a staggering $12 billion. A quarter of all trade is done with the United States, with exports focusing mostly on food items, coffee, timber, and some metals. Most imports into Panama are on the industrial end, with oil and mineral fuels leading the way, followed by industrial machinery, cars, car parts, and pharmaceuticals. It’s estimated that the Canal, and subsidiary business that service the Canal, make up nearly a third of Panama’s entire economy. Buy any stretch of the imagination, that’s huge, and trade is the lynchpin holding this sector together.

Source: POLS Blog


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