Warm City, Warm Hearts: Panama Ready For Youth. : Weekly News Roundup, December 28th, 2018

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Warm City, Warm Hearts: Panama Ready For Youth

As World Youth Day in Panama draws near, organizers said they are prepared to make young people from around the globe feel right at home.

While warm temperatures will greet thousands of young people in Panama, Father Romero Aguilar, WYD general coordinator, told Catholic News Service (CNS) he hopes that the warmth of hospitality also will make them feel welcome.

“People are opening their homes to house young people. We were surprised by how the people responded to the appeal for housing. We want all the kids to have a place, a space, a home,” Father Aguilar said.

Father Aguilar, along with Archbishop Jose Domingo Ulloa of Panama, Danubia Allard, the Panamanian foreign ministry’s liaison for WYD, and Miroslava Rosas, Panama’s ambassador to the Holy See, were among the dignitaries and church officials briefing journalists Dec. 11 on the upcoming event and their preparations to welcome Pope Francis and the myriad of young men and women expected to attend.

Source: The Tablet

Panama seeking to claw back Cuban shoppers.

With large numbers of Cubans travelling to Guyana in search of bargains, Panama has taken steps to foster and promote trade between the two countries, by allowing flexibility in travel for Cubans who are engaged in merchandising and tourism.

Panama Today, in October reported that the new policy, which came into effect late October, allows persons to acquire a “tourist card, which has a cost of 20 dollars and requires that the Cuban who wants to purchase it, comply with the following: own a self-employed card, a creators (artisans) certificate, or to have previously traveled to Panama or to a third country.”

The policy under which the tourism card was created, specifies that the holder will have a one-time entry into the commercial Panamanian territory. Cuban nationals are able to purchase the card from the Panamanian Consulate in Havana, Cuba “and in the places that are determined for that purpose” by Panama’s government.

Source: Stabroek News

Surfer’s ear points to ancient pearl divers in Panama.

Surfer’s ear, associated with cold weather and water sports, led a bioarchaeologist at the Smithsonian in Panama to suspect that ancient shoreline residents were diving for pearls in an area of cold-water upwelling.

No one really understands exactly how the bony growths, technically called exostoses, form. But the skin is thin in the ear canal and the accepted theory is that cold water or cold temperatures caused by wind and water make the bone react by growing extra layers, similar to the way bone spurs form on the feet and in other places where there is constant irritation or stress. Almost half of the members of a swimming club in England had surfer’s ear according to a report cited in the study.

Source: Science Daily


Where to invest in Panama in 2019

As the financial year nears to a close, and you prepare to wind down before a busy start to the next year, it’s time to get your investment plans in order. And if you’re looking to make a splash in international investing, investing in Panama would be a great start for 2019, if you’re not investing here already that is.

Panama has a very favorable investment climate, which means investing in Panama is a good buy. There are a number of areas to invest in, some riskier than others, but all with growing opportunities as we head into the new year. Here are some of our thoughts on where you should be investing in Panama in 2019.

Source: POLS Blog


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