World-Class Healthcare in Panama for Half the Cost

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World-Class Healthcare in Panama for Half the Cost compared to Europe and the U.S. Canada offers free health care, but the waiting lists for surgeries are long and only basic services are offered, requiring additional funds to pay for advanced care or procedures.

Panama medical tourism is on the rise due to the excellent hospitals and medical centers with many doctors trained in the U.S. and Europe speaking English offering less than half the cost. Global healthcare in Panama is becoming a popular destination for those seeking quality at a lower cost.

The presence of the United States from 1904 until the last day of 1999 allowed Panamanian citizens to become educated and trained in the U.S. renowned medical universities and hospitals. The U.S. Panama Canal Zone had its own U.S. medical doctors and dentists along with those in the U.S. military clinics and hospitals. Many of them stayed behind to practice in Panama when the U.S. left the Panama Canal and closed their military bases. Because of the long U.S. presence many Panamanian dentists and doctors learned English.

The medical care costs are lower in Panama because the wages are much lower here. The U.S., Canada, and European wages are as much as 10 times higher than in Panama. That is why surgeries and hospitalization in Panama can cost as much as 75% less.

Panama healthcare costs vs. the U.S.

• Hip replacement is only $5,500 in Panama while the same surgery procedure and hospitalization can cost between $33,000 to $57,000 in the U.S.

• A facelift is only $2,500 in Panama while it costs at least $10,000 in the U.S.

• Glaucoma surgery in Panama is only $2,500 per eye while costing from $4,800 to $7,500 per eye in the U.S.

• A breast lift in Panama only costs between $1,500 and $3,000 while costing from $4,000 to $9,000 in the U.S.

Panama has World Class Healthcare Hospitals

There are four hospitals in Panama City which are considered world class healthcare providers:

1. Hospital Nacional is very modern and currently has 80 beds (but is expanding to double that amount). The American Hospital Management Company runs this well organized hospital which is affiliated with Florida’s Kendall Medical Center and the University of Nebraska’s Medical Center.

E-mail: mercadeoathospitalnacionaldotcom

2. Hospital Punta Pacifica affiliates with the globally known Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland and is the only hospital in all of Latin America to do so. This hospital opened in 2006 in one of Panama City’s wealthiest neighborhoods. It has 101 beds and 52 private rooms with over 340 English speaking medical doctors and staff.

E-mail: infoathppdotcomdotpa

3. Centro Medico Paitilla has 166 beds and is a private hospital which opened in 1975. This hospital affiliates with Ohio’s Cleveland Clinic and is a training facility for the American Heart Association.

E-mail: aclientesatcmpaitilladotcom

4. Hospital San Fernando opened in 1949 having 159 beds and specializes in orthopedics, general surgery, and LASIK eye surgery. It affiliates with Tulane University and Miami Children’s Hospital. Most physicians are English speaking.

E-mail: elewisathospitalsanfernandodotcom

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