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Fast, friendly and affordable service

The professional service staff at POLS can have your Panama Corporation or Foundation up and running in a matter of 2 business days. Unlike other offshore providers who purchase from actual legal firms and resell to their clients, when you buy from us, you are buying directly from the source! Our Panama attorneys are directly registered with the Panama Public Registry and can set up entities faster than most other providers.

Our service staff will guide you through the procedures in creating a corporation or foundation swiftly and easily. You will find that our service staff is always willing to take the time to answer all of your questions and make sure that you understand all the details. In maintaining the mission of privacy, affordability, and fast service, we have kept our fees extremely competitive.

Experience makes the difference.

As one of the leading Panama Law Firms, and one of the regions most reliable offshore service providers, POLS brings a wide range of professional knowledge to our clients needs. Our staff is made up of professional offshore consultants and attorneys who are experienced in the offshore business and understand the international investment and asset protection strategies.

We provide you with the following advantages:

· Reliable, quality service focused on providing you with the best asset protection package available today.

· You receive everything you need to operate your Panama Corporation or Foundation.

· High level of experience and credibility with an excellent reputation.

· Affordable set up fees and annual maintenance fees.

· 100% anonymity, privacy and confidentiality.

· The ability to protect your assets, and diversify your investments.

Get started today!

Simply complete a secure online application, and send us as little as US$1300 for the set up of a Panama Corporation or Foundation. In a matter of a few days, you can feel the relief of knowing that you have taken serious steps to financial privacy, protecting your assets, and diversifying your investments.

Take the next step to financial freedom, and incorporate in Panama Today!

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