Belize Offshore Corporations

Belize Offshore Corporation

POLS can form a Belize Offshore Corporation through our exclusive relationship with our correspondent Belize law firm.

Belize is not a Caribbean Island. It is a former British colony called British Honduras and is a Central American country on the Caribbean coast.

In 1990, Belize enacted a new law allowing the creation of anonymously owned offshore corporations along with bank account secrecy. These are the perfect ingredients for global asset protection through offshore corporations.

Benefits of a Belize Offshore Corporation

1. The offshore corporation’s income is Tax Free no matter where the income is earned. There are No Tax Treaties with other countries so other governments cannot gain access to Belize Offshore Corporation records.

2. Privacy is guaranteed because the names of the directors and shareholders of the offshore corporation are not filed with the government. The records of the shareholders can only be seen by other shareholders. The Belize government only has records of the offshore corporation’s Articles of Incorporation. There are no annual tax returns or any auditing of the offshore corporation books. Anonymous Bearer Shares can be used by Belize offshore corporations.

3. Global Asset Protection against frivolous lawsuits.

4. Global Banking as Belize Offshore Corporations can open bank accounts anywhere in the world.

5. Flexibility for the offshore corporation with minimum capital requirement, with no required meetings, no local directors or officers, meetings by shareholders or directors can be conducted anywhere and with using proxy, only one director and one shareholder is required who does not have to be a Belize resident.

6. Fast incorporation in usually one day. Yes, an offshore corporation in only one business day!  One reason for that is only one person is required to create a Belize Offshore Corporation.

7. English is the official language in Belize.

8. A Belize Offshore Corporation can conduct business anywhere in the world except in Belize.

9. Opening a Belize offshore corporation bank account is easy. You don’t have to travel to Belize to do banking.   You can be anywhere in the world to use the internet, e-mail, courier service, or telephone your bank representative.   Belize Debit cards and Belize ATM bank cards are accepted worldwide.   You can open accounts in International currencies (including USD).

Restrictions on a Belize Corporation

1. Belize offshore corporations cannot conduct business inside Belize or do commerce with Belize residents.

2. Belize offshore corporations cannot own Belize real property.

3. Belize offshore corporations must have a Registered Agent and an office in Belize (law firms provide their address). A Belize offshore corporation cannot rent registered office space for other companies.

5. Belize offshore corporations cannot sell its stocks, shares, securities, or obligations of debt to residents of Belize or to Belize companies.

6. Belize offshore corporations cannot possess stocks, shares, securities, or obligations of debt of Belize companies.

Requirements to Create a Belize Corporation

All you have to do is supply these documents:

1. Photocopies of each shareholder’s passport, notarized.

2. Nominee directors services are available for US$50 per year per director. If you wish to appoint your own directors, then please provide a photocopy of each director’s passport, notarized.

3. Complete and sign the application and Registered Agent Contract.

4. Provide a financial or professional reference letter (this can be from a bank, broker, financial advisor, law firm, accountant, or other professional).

5. Provide a proof of address (such as a photocopy of a utility bill showing your name and address).

6. Our fee is $1,500 USD, plus courier fee to send you the documents.

Creating a Belize Ofshore Corporation is fast, low cost, and easy.

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