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5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Panama for Offshore Investments

Panama offshore investments
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There are many reasons you should choose Panama for offshore investment, but for each person, these reasons may differ a bit. It’s all about finding the right fit for your money, and the right climate to invest in. Luckily, Panama is ripe for offshore investment these days, making the choice easier, and of course, more profitable. Panama has one of the fastest growing economies in all of Latin America, and has lots of benefits to offer the offshore investor. Continue reading »

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Don’t Worry, Panama is Still a Tax Haven

Panama offshore corporations
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The end of 2013 created a panic in Panama amongst the expats and the wealthy citizens when Panama’s National Assembly passed a new law changing the income tax law making worldwide income subject to taxation as in the United States. However, it was deemed a mistake and quickly repealed the following day.

Word quickly traveled amongst the social networks that Panama was no longer going to just tax income earned inside Panama (called “territorial income tax”) as it has been doing since it became a nation in 1903. Worldwide income taxation would mean that all of the hundreds of thousands of Panama offshore corporations earning tax free income outside of Panama would have to start filing income tax returns declaring all of their income. Continue reading »

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Panama Tax Haven – Benefits of Opening a Business in a Tax Haven

Panama tax haven
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The term “tax haven” commonly refers to countries whose laws allow for anonymous ownership of legal entities like corporations, private foundations and trusts, as well as limited taxation on specific types of corporations. Tax haven also refers to countries with bank secrecy laws which protect customer’s accounts from being spied on by outsiders. Panama has been referred to as a tax haven country due to its strong bank secrecy laws and anonymous legal entities, including Panama corporations and Panama foundations. However, Panamanian banks are now obligated to provide banking information in certain cases due to the information exchange agreements that are now in place with several countries. Continue reading »

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7 Ways to Lower Income Taxes in Panama

how to lower taxes in panama
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Panama income taxes are a burden to many individuals and businesses alike. So, why pay more than you have too, right? There are many ways for you to lower your Panama income tax, and of course all our recommendations are legal. We’ve put together a list of 7 ways to lower corporate income tax in Panama. Enjoy! Continue reading »

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3 Ways to use a Panama Foundation for Asset Protection

private interest foundation
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A Panama private interest foundation can protect your assets in several ways. A Panama foundation is a unique legal entity dating back to when wealthy European families created them as an inheritance tool in Medieval times. Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, and Switzerland enacted laws creating private foundations for personal usage. Panama used parts of these three country’s laws to create a unique Panama Private Interest Foundation law back in 1995. Continue reading »

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How Business Owners can Protect their Assets in Panama

Panama asset protection
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Asset Protection for business owners is defined as a system for taking all assets from every business owned by an individual or a family and changing the ownership to legal entities in another country.  These legal entities are often offshore corporations in tax haven countries. Continue reading »

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