China gives Panama its plan for a $4bn high-speed rail line to Costa Rica : Weekly News Roundup, March 22nd, 2019

Mar 22, 2019 | Panama News

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China gives Panama its plan for a $4bn high-speed rail line to Costa Rica

The government of China has presented Panama with a feasibility study for a 391km high-speed rail line between Panama City north to its border with Costa Rica.

The study was presented by Wei Qiang, China’s ambassador to Panama, to President Juan Carlos Varela at the end of last week. Varela responded by saying the study “opened the way for this great project for Panama. It is economically feasible because of the social profitability it represents for the Panamanian people, it is profitable and viable to build it”.

Drawn up by the China Railway Design Corporation, the plan is to unite the City of the Future, 37km west of the Panamanian capital, with the town of David, about 50km from the border with Costa Rica. The study foresees a line with 22 stations, including five freight depots, and puts a price tag of $4.1bn on the works.

Source: Global Construction Review

US Shuts Itself Off to Cuban Tourism, while Panama Encourages it.

In a recent discussion on its Facebook page, the US embassy in Havana has received hundreds of complaints from Cubans because of its decision to restrict B2 visas. This goes hand in hand with the creation of the “We the People” digital platform, that has launched a signature collection campaign to ask the Trump administration to revoke this measure.

Besides further limiting family ties on both sides of the Florida Strait, the Trump administration announced the latest immigration regulations that will prevent a large group of Cuban entrepreneurs from buying goods in the US.

It also comes as bad news for the hundreds of businesses in US cities, such as Miami, which have made good profits and offer a wider variety of products, as a result of the shopping trips Cubans embark on.

Source: Havana Times

FEPAFUT and FIFA Forward unveil rehabilitated football stadium in Panama.

Thanks to the new facility, FEPAFUT will be able to organise national and international competitions for all players across the Central American country.

The Football Federation of Panama (FEPAFUT) with the support of FIFA Forward programme reopened the Virgilio Tejeira Andrión Soccer Complex last Sunday (17 March) in Penonomé. The re-inauguration was held with the presence of members of the FEPAFUT Executive Committee and representatives from FIFA Regional Development Office in Panama.



How to find the best healthcare coverage in Panama!

Finding good healthcare, and taking care of you and your family’s health and well-being are critical to relocating to a foreign country, and Panama’s no different. Finding the right doctor, insurance, medication, and emergency services can seem like a daunting task in a country you don’t know much about.

Panama has some of the best quality healthcare in the Americas, and at a cost that is more often than not, reasonable and fair. For a country of its size, Panama’s high quality hospitals, doctors, and physical rehabilitation centers are well known in the region. So much so, that many people come to Panama as tourists, just for medical procedures. Here’s why:

Source: POLS Blog


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