Copa Airlines readies to take off to Panama City from Tampa : Weekly News Roundup, January 7th, 2020

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Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Copa Airlines readies to take off to Panama City from Tampa

Copa Airlines is preparing to relaunch international flights from Tampa International Airport to Panama City after a nearly 10-month hiatus.

Copa Airlines released more details Thursday on how it will resume operations from TPA to Tocumen International Airport in Panama, the Hub of the Americas. The announcement comes as the airport is slowly regaining international service after Covid-19 restrictions were put in place to curb the spread of the virus.

Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal

Cleaves: “Panama Canal just made VLGC transits harder.”

High traffic, seasonal fog and COVID-19 related issues had already led to congestion and long waiting times for VLGCs transiting the Panama Canal, reports Norway’s Cleaves Securities.

In an advisory note dated December 31, 2020, says Cleaves, “the Panama Canal Authority made transit even more challenging by disallowing VLGCs to book during Period 1.”

Source: Marine Log

Panama legal task force covid-19 update #25 – Panama orders a new lockdown.

Panama will extend lockdowns in two provinces, including the capital, from Jan. 4 – 14 in an effort to contain a jump in coronavirus cases in the heavily populated areas, the health minister said on Sunday.

With 231,357 registered COVID-19 cases and 3,840 deaths, Panama is the Central American nation that has accumulated the highest number of infections.

Under the lockdown measures, which authorities last week said would go into effect nationwide from Dec. 31 – Jan. 4, residents may only leave their homes for essential services such as medical appointments and grocery shopping, Health Minister Luis Sucre said.

Source: Lexology


Working remotely? Become a Digital Nomad in Panama!

How to work remotely from Panama as explained here involves first understanding Panama’s laws, including immigration and taxes. We cover that all here for a complete guide to working remotely.

People often ask, “What is a remote worker”? Business dictionaries define a “remote worker” as an employee working outside of a company’s workplace. Often from home or an outside office. Communications mainly occur by telephone, email, or text messaging.

Over the past 10 years, remote workers also include people working outside of their countries. Whether in a company’s satellite office in another country or as an independent contractor in a foreign land.

Source: POLS Blog

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