Discover Pedasi: A fantastic eco-friendly expat community

Aug 14, 2019 | Investing in Panama, Moving to Panama

For people who are looking to relocate to, or retire in Panama, the town of Pedasi in the Azuero Peninsula is at the top of the list these days. Its growing popularity is coming at a time where record numbers of expats are choosing Panama as their new home, and there’s good reason for it too. Pedasi is remote, safe, full of fun things to do, and surrounded by some of the country’s most beautiful biodiversity. It’s also a well-known area of Panamanian ecological preservation, and a burgeoning coast for surfers, body boarders, and lovers of the beach in general.


Pedasi at a glance

Pedasi is located at the far eastern tip of the Azuero Peninsula. It’s actually a district, rather than a town, however the center of the area is referred to as Pedasi Township, where most of the business and tourism takes place. Pedasi has a total population of around 4,000, and covers a relatively large area of land. This is part of the charm of the district: its remoteness and tranquility. It was once a heavily forested area, and home to some of the most flora and fauna types in all of Panama. Currently, there are around 70 hectares of protected tropical forest, where biologists and researchers study the land and its wildlife.

Pedasi is also home to some incredible beaches, and unlike many parts of the Pacific coast, has avoided large-scale developments and resorts. In fact, thanks to conservation efforts, the amount of protected forests and coastline is expected to expand to nearly double, over the next few years. The town of Pedasi is small, but full of character, and home to many expats from all over the world, and of all ages.

Why Pedasi is so popular with expats

When it comes to expats in Panama, there are so many choices on where to live, it’s almost hard to keep up with. However recently, Pedasi has really surged in popularity. Most expats who live in Pedasi will tell you that this is due to both the simple lifestyle available, and the low cost of living per quality of life. Pedasi is attracting many young entrepreneurs who want to start small businesses, especially in the area of eco-tourism, conservation, and outdoor activities. Expats find that having a diverse group of residents and businesses there allows them easy access to networking, and a smooth transition into living and working in Panama.

High quality of living at a low cost

Another big reason, clearly, is the high quality of life at a reasonably low cost. Despite being a popular expat hot spot, prices for real estate tend to be lower in Pedasi than many other similar locations across the country. This has a lot to do with its remoteness from Panama City (about 5-6 hours by car, and 40 minutes by plane), and the rural, tropical nature of the town. And that’s more than OK with all of the residents, both expats and locals that live there. Whether you’re on the beach, in town, or at your own quiet retreat in the forest, you’re bound to find something you love about Pedasi. As it continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how development and conservation meld together, to keep the quality of this great district alive for generations to come.

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POLS Attorneys Staff Writer

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