How to find the perfect “dry season” beach escape in Panama!

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Though it’s technically winter in the northern hemisphere, in Panama, January through March is considered “Summer” as it’s the hot, dry season. And while some Panamanians and expats may have vacation time, many who work are limited to being weekend warriors, who get there outdoor summer fix in day trips to places close to the city. Lucky for them there are some great, underrated beaches just a short drive from Panama City. Here’s a quick list of our favorites:

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Playa Grande:

Located on what’s quickly becoming Panama’s “Golden Coast”, Playa Grande sets itself apart with its simplicity. It’s about a 2-hour drive from Panama City, and lies within reach of some of Panama’s biggest Pacific beach resort communities. But despite its location, the beach remains relatively untouched. Soak up the rays on white sand and hit the waves with no crowd, no traffic, and no mega hotels to distract you from the natural beauty of your surroundings

Playa La Angosta:

This beach is on Panama’s northern Caribbean coast just outside of Colon, and for that reason alone, is underrated and relatively unspoiled. While many tourists limit their beach vacations to San Blas, or beaches on the Pacific, Colon’s upper coast offers picturesque Caribbean scenery without the crowds. And while it is an entire ocean away from Panama City, you can get there in just over an hour’s drive, with hardly any traffic to slow you down. The beach is small, yet simple, and is popular amongst locals who live in the area. Make sure to ask for directions once you get to Colon though, as this beach can be tough to find for any newbie.

Playa Teta:

This beach gets the nod as one of Panama’s most underrated because it’s hiding in plain sight. It’s next to the popular beach community of Coronado, but until recently didn’t even have a paved road. This beach is a hot spot for surfers in the know; so if you’ve got the chops to jump in the waves, make sure to bring your board. This is a no frills beach that’s close enough to the highway to make it accessible, but hidden enough to keep the crowds away. Even if you don’t surf, you’ll have plenty of beach to enjoy, and very little distraction.

Isla Grande:

Not to be confused with “Playa Grande”, Isla Grande is another northern beach worth visiting if you’re looking for a cool, unspoiled beach experience. Much like the other beach with it’s namesake, Isla Grande is just outside Colon, although you’ll need to get there by boat. Once there, you’ll find the setting is right out of Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s got beautiful turquoise waters, long hanging palm trees, and a very cool, yet quiet crowd. There are partygoers that visit on the weekends, but without a big infrastructure it’s still untouched by big hotels and resorts.


This beach is right on the cusp of being in the heart of Panama’s mega beach development area, and for that, it has to make the list. The little sleepy town of Farallon is within eyesight of some of the country’s biggest resorts, yet surprisingly, is completely unspoiled. There is one main road that leads to the beach, and when you reach its end you’ll find a restaurant that rents out cabanas and umbrellas, and that’s about it. This is Playa Blanca without the hotels, and has some of the best white sand beaches around. It’s also easy to find. Just head towards the Decameron Resort, and stay on the road until you reach the end.

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