Immigrating to Panama From Poland: What you need to know ahead of time

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Poland is a country steeped in rich history, with a resilient, proud people who are both forward-thinking, and diverse in cultural tradition. Right now, Poland is going through a transitional period. This is nothing new for Poland, but for many, the opportunities abroad are just too good to pass up. For people in the European Union, including the Polish, immigrating to Panama is something that is right within reach, without a lot of the similar cost and jumping through hoops they may encounter in other parts of the world. If you’re from Poland, and the thought of moving and investing overseas has been on your mind, you owe it to yourself to look into Panama. Here’s why.

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Benefits of moving to Panama, and/or investing in Panama

Once you’re ready to make the leap, and make Panama your new home, it’s time to start to explore the benefits of relocating here. For starters, Panama has a stable economy, and has largely avoided global economic recessions. In fact, during the 2008 global financial crisis, Panama was one of the few countries in the Western Hemisphere that actually rapidly grew its economy, and lowered unemployment. Panama also uses the US dollar, and has some of the most secure banking and investing services in the world, as well as fantastic insurance on investments made.

Outside of the economic benefits, Panama also offers a very high quality of life. Unlike in Poland, there is no “winter” in Panama. No matter where you are in the country, the temperature seldom goes below 15 (in the coldest parts of the western mountains), and seldom lower than 24 in the rest of the country. Panama also offers two coastlines of beaches, and hundreds of islands, making it a true tropical paradise. These are all major reasons that the Polish people, and other European nations choose Panama as their new home. It’s a low-stress country with a laid-back vibe. Perfect for those looking to get away from the current struggles in Poland, and lead a more fulfilled, relaxed life.

Eight types of visas perfect for Polish relocation to Panamanian

To get the whole process started, let’s look at the visa options to you as a Polish citizen to best accommodate your needs for legal relocation through Panama’s eight types of visas.

1. Panama’s Pensioner (Retiree) Visa:

Anyone over 18 years of age with a lifetime pension or annuity paying a minimum of $1,000 USD per month qualifies. Another $250 must be paid per month by the annuity or pension for each dependent. The annuity or pension can be paid by a private company, military, government agencies, corporations, a bank, an insurance company, or a Trust. This Panama visa provides several discounts from movie theaters, restaurants, hotels, pharmacies, concerts, and domestic airlines along with other products or services.

2. Friendly Nations Visa:

Citizens from any of the 50 nations considered “friendly” to Panama can move here with their immediate family and acquire a faster permanent residency visa than any other Panama visa. To qualify, the friendly citizen can either buy an existing Panama business or create a new business here or be employed in a professional capacity for a Panama professional services company.

The Friendly nations visa offers permanent residency within 3-6 months and offers the option of getting a work permit. The cost is around $5,000 USD all said and done in order to obtain permanent residency (not including the work permit).

3. Professional Employment Visa:

Foreigners working for a Panama company in a “professional” capacity paying social security taxes and holding a college degree and a professional license (if required by his or her country) can become a permanent resident after two years of being a temporary resident. The term “professional” is not limited to the definition in Panama’s Constitution or the laws defining a professional for citizens.

4. Panama’s Reforestation Investor Visa:

A minimum investment of US$80,000 in a reforestation project certified by the government including purchasing a minimum of five hectares of titled land with an additional investment of $2,000 for each dependent.

5. Panama’s Self Economic Solvency Visa:

Three options exist to qualify for this visa created to attract wealthy foreigners:

-Minimum US$300,000 investment of equity in any Panama real estate with an additional $2,000 USD for each dependent.

-Minimum US$300,000 investment in a 3 year Panama bank CD. An additional $2,000 deposit is required for each dependent.

-Combining the first 2 options by investing in both a Panama bank CD and Panama real estate where the cash and equity total a minimum of US$300,000 (or foreign currency equivalent). An additional $2,000 USD must be invested for each dependent.

6.Panama’s Business Investor Visa:

A minimum US$160,000 investment in capital stock of a Panama corporation. The foreigner can be a shareholder and/or an officer. An additional $2,000 must be invested or each dependent.

7. Married to a Panama Citizen Visa:

This must be a valid marriage (not a sham) to a Panama citizen can apply for a permanent visa.

8. Parents of Child Born in Panama Visa:

The parents of a child born in Panama who is over five years old can apply for this permanent visa. The parents of future children born in Panama can apply for this permanent visa after the child’s fifth birthday.

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