Moving to Panama With Kids: What you need to know first!

Jul 28, 2019 | Moving to Panama

When you plan on moving to Panama, for many of us, this means moving with the whole family. And in many cases, that means kids, and kids of all ages. Relocating anywhere with your kids can be tough on the whole family, and it’s understandable. There are so many changes that take place, and it is a big transition, especially when you’re young. But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have to be fun. Moving to Panama can be a rewarding, and learning experience for people of all ages, and a great way to bond with your kids. Here are 5 things we recommend knowing, before you move to Panama, to make the transition as fun, and as easy as possible.

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Apply for English Language Schools:

For many kids, switching schools is difficult, and learning in a new language can be challenging, and hold them back. This is why we recommend that if your kids don’t have a strong background in Spanish, send them to one of Panama’s many private, English language schools. Tuitions are a fraction of what similar schools would cost in North America, and they will still have Spanish worked into their curriculum. In other words, they can stay on track as far as their education, while still learning the local language, and feel much more comfortable during the transition.

Enroll your kids in Spanish Language classes:

While continuing their general education in English can be beneficial, your kids should still take extra curricular Spanish language classes. Learning the local language will help with making friends, getting around within a new culture, and an invaluable skill to have for their future careers. Even 2-3 hours a week can be highly effective, and costs around $20-$30 an hour for private lessons.

Panama has TONS of outdoor activities:

As parents, keeping your kids active and healthy is a critical part of raising them, and in Panama they’ll have a lot to do. Panamanian kids are very outdoor-oriented, and there are many types of school and community sports groups, hiking clubs, beach clubs, races, bicycling and climbing. The weather is warm all year long, so getting your kids outdoors is not seasonally affected.

Good healthcare:

Your children’s health and well-being are probably the most important factors you consider when moving to Panama. Luckily, Panama has world-class healthcare, at a very affordable price. There are a number of Public health services and hospital, which operate for free, as well as private services, and hospitals, and a number of insurance options for kids, should you choose them. Panama is even home to a John’s Hopkins partner hospital (Punta Pacifica), and has some of the most modern health facilities in the hemisphere.

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POLS Attorneys Staff Writer

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