Panama declares national emergency for COVID-19 : Weekly News Roundup, March 15th 2020

Mar 15, 2020 | Panama News

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Panama declares national emergency for COVID-19.

President Laurentino Cortizo has declared a national emergency for COVID-19 in Panama, and informed on a national TV network the use of telework and called on the population to stay calm.

In his Thursday speech, he referred to a series of measures to avoid speculation, hoarding and the rise in the price of basic products such as hygiene articles, whose acquisition will be regulated along with food, and in support of these supplies, the State will buy US$20 million in meats and grains to complement the national productions.

Source: Prensa Latina English

Costa Rica overwhelmed by coronavirus testing as Panama records first death: What you need to know today.

The Health Ministry recognized the number of suspected coronavirus cases exceeds the capacity of Costa Rica’s national reference lab, located at INCIENSA.

Tuesday afternoon, health authorities identified 165 people who are suspected of having coronavirus, bringing Costa Rica’s total confirmed COVID-19 tally to 13 confirmed cases and 179 suspected ones.
“Their samples are with INCIENSA, but it is a very high number of samples that exceeds the capacity of the laboratory,” said Health Minister Daniel Salas, according to Channel 7 TV News.

Source: Tico Times

There has been one reported death so far, and 8 reported cases in total. More updates soon.

Panama’s health ministry said on Tuesday that it has confirmed the country’s first death from the coronavirus, and that in addition there are seven new cases of individuals testing positive for the virus in the Central American nation.

Health Minister Rosario Turner on Monday confirmed the first case of someone testing positive in Panama in a case described as relatively minor, stressing that the government seeks to be transparent about the spread of coronavirus.

Of the people known to have the disease, Turner said on Tuesday, one is seriously ill and was admitted to an intensive care unit.

Source: Reuters


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