Aug 27, 2020 | Panama News

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Panama has officially released their reopening plan, which was approved this Tuesday by the cabinet, and has international aviation and tourism activities set to restart on October 12, 2020.

The government has suspended international commercial flights since March 22, but come October 12 after almost 6 months of lockdown, they could see a resurgence in international tourism once again.

Source: Travel Off Path

Transgender and Trapped in Sex-Based Social Distancing.

The day Yineth Layevska was finally able to change the name on her identity card, she felt reborn. When the 38-year-old indigenous transgender woman went out with her friends on the weekends in Panama City, dressed up in high heels, she looked forward to being asked by the security guard at the nightclub door to pull out her national ID card, with her new female name freshly printed on it.

But all of that changed with the pandemic. “Now,” the transgender activist said, “I’m afraid to go out.”

Source: Foreign Policy

International Cover-Up Fear As Panama Drawn Into Wakashio Oil Spill Ship Controversy In Mauritius.

The front half of the large Panama-flagged, Japanese vessel responsible for the worst oil spill in the Indian Ocean, the Wakashio, that has brought heartache to islanders on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius since its arrival 28 days ago, has gone missing in the Indian Ocean.

There has not been an official statement from the Government of Mauritius on the exact location of the vessel – which is the size of an aircraft carrier and in the largest 1% of vessels ever built – and the Governments of France, Japan who have Ministers and Advisers on the ground have remained silent on its precise location.

Source: Forbes


How to find the best healthcare coverage in Panama!

Finding good healthcare, and taking care of you and your family’s health and well-being are critical to relocating to a foreign country, and Panama’s no different. Finding the right doctor, insurance, medication, and emergency services can seem like a daunting task in a country you don’t know much about.

Luckily, Panama has some of the best quality healthcare in the Americas, and at a cost that is more often than not, reasonable and fair. For a country of its size, Panama’s high quality hospitals, doctors, and physical rehabilitation centers are well known in the region. So much so, that many people come to Panama as tourists, just for medical procedures. Here’s why:

Source: POLS Blog

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