Panamanian Government Supports Panama-David Train Study : Weekly News Roundup, April 26th, 2018

Apr 26, 2018 | Panama News

Welcome to the Panama Weekly News Roundup! Here’s the latest.

Man builds “castle” out of plastic bottles in Panama, plans entire village.

Made from 40,000 reclaimed bottles, the plastic fortress is four storeys high, 14m tall and contains four guest rooms on the first two floors, a “feasting” area on the third, and a viewing platform on the top.

Dubbed “Plastic King Robert” on his website, Bezeau moved to Panama from Montreal in 2009. He hopes the project will raise awareness of the need for plastic recycling. To this end, he has adopted the slogan: “Drink it and build with it”.

Not content with being the ruler of a plastic castle, King Robert has set his sights on a plastic village made from the million-or-so bottles he has collected over the past year and a half. The goal of this project is to train teams that will go to developing countries to teach them how to build with plastic bottles.

Source: Global Construction Review

Panamanian Government Supports Panama-David Train Study

The government of Panama created a high level commission to coordinate the execution of the railroad financed by China, which will cross longitudinally the country from this capital to the western border, informed local media.

The Gaceta Oficial published in Monday’s edition the executive decree creating the group headed by Alvaro Aleman, Minister of the Presidency, formed among others by the also ministers Isabel Saint Malo, Foreign Relations, Duicidio De la Guardia, of Economy and Finances and Mario Etchelecu of Housing.

The feasibility study of the fast train project Panama-David (capital of the western Chiriqui province) will be donated by the Asian giant, and among other functions, the recently-created commission will facilitate and coordinate work in this first stage.

Source: Prensa Latinaf

This luxurious hotel room is also a crazy paradise for gamers — take a look inside.

Panama City has a lot to offer tourists. Gorgeous beaches, historic sites, and a lively downtown area are just a few of the many attractions that bring millions of tourists from all over the world to the Central American city every year.

But if you’re not into any of that outdoorsy stuff, you might enjoy a stay in this crazy hotel room, designed to be a gamer’s paradise, at the Panama City Hilton Hotel. The room was created by the Latin American division of PC company Alienware — a subsidiary of Dell — and showcased in a video this week touting the room in all its glory.

Source: Business Insider


Investing in Panama for the Future, With Current Returns

Investing in Panama is a subject often talked about within the international business community, especially for those in Latin America and the Caribbean. Panama has a versatile, diverse business community with investment options that run the gamut as far as industry, volume, type, and returns. One thing almost all investments in Panama have in common, however, is the future.

Panama has had a unique economic situation since the transfer of the Panama Canal back in 2000, and more specifically, an economic surge over the last ten years. When the global economy was sinking (mostly) in 2008/2009, Panama was growing. Why? Well, it’s complicated.

Source: POLS Blog


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