SOUTHCOM task force saves lives in Panama, Honduras after Hurricane Eta. : Weekly News Roundup, November 9th, 2020

Nov 9, 2020 | Panama News

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SOUTHCOM task force saves lives in Panama, Honduras after Hurricane Eta.

Approximately 600 U.S. military personnel are supporting rescue efforts in Honduras and Panama after Hurricane Eta devastated Central America on Thursday.

SOUTCHOM’s Joint Task Force-Bravo mobilized Black Hawks, Chinooks, and teams of personnel from Soto Cano Air Base, Honduras, in less than 30 minutes on Thursday after SOUTHCOM approved calls for assistance from the Honduran and Panamanian governments.

“We are completely focused right now on immediate lifesaving actions, and that is predominantly airlifted aviation rescue,” said Army Col. John Litchfield, commander of JTF-B.

Source: Military Times

Hurricane Eta in Panama.

Members of Red Cross help to evacuate people after the overflow of Bambito river due to the heavy rains caused by Hurricane Eta, now degraded to a tropical storm, in Bambito, Chiriqui Province 450 north of Panama City.

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Source: Yahoo News

Panama: Helping the rainforest help the Panama Canal.

Project goal: To restore 1,450 hectares (3,580 acres) of degraded farmland on Panama’s Caribbean coast through agroforestry, making the soil resilient to erosion and helping it retain scarce water.

Project duration: The 1,450 Finca Cuango property will contribute to a target of one million hectares of degraded land that Panama plans to restore by 2035 through ist Allianza por el Millio initiative

Project budget: 12Tree Finance has invested 15 million euros in Finca Cuango

Project partners: 12Tree, an investment firm based in Germany and Latin America, is co-founder of Initiative 20×20, which restores degraded land in Latin America and the Caribbean and is supported by the Germany Environment Ministry though its International Climate Initiative. 12Tree is also part of Panama’s Alianza por el Million initiative

Source: Hellenic Shipping News


What you need to know before investing in real estate in Panama

If you’re looking to buy or rent properties in Panama, there are many options to suit any taste or any budget. There are great deals to be had, fantastic areas to live in, and many diverse choices that can fit your need specifically.

Just like anywhere else, you need to do a good amount of research and personal introspection before you make your decision when it comes to Real Estate. After all, you’re buying or renting in a foreign country, and you should know the rules before you start.

Source: POLS Blog

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