Top 5 Food Experiences in Panama

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Are you a traveler who loves to eat? Are you a foodie in Panama? Looking for a fun way to entertain guests and family? We’ve some treats for you! Panama is a diverse country with a diverse cultural heritage, and many current international influences. Because of this, the food scene is great. No matter what your taste, you’re bound to find what you love, and discover something new along the way. To give you a list to start with, here are our top five picks for unique, high quality food experiences in Panama.

Food in Panama

1. The “Mercado de Mariscos” (Panama City):

In English, this is commonly referred to as simply “the fish market”, and is an open-air paradise for fresh seafood lovers and people who love to absorb local flavors and culture. The market is made up of a central indoor location where fresh fish and other seafood is sold raw, by the pound, and outside, there are about 20 ceviche and fish stands that serve cooked food to patrons. Prices are amazingly cheap – $7 a pound for cevicche, $10-$12 for an entire fish fry – and you can sit outside with a cold beer and do some amazing people watching as the locals come and go.

2. Milkiburguer (Boquete):

This is truly a locals-only gem, and while it’s not centrally located, is one of the most popular places for foodies really in the know out in Boquete. Milkiburguer is a roadside stand next to a small grocery store on the drive up to Los Naranjos. One of the funniest parts about Milkiburguer is that despite what the name suggests, it doesn’t serve any burgers. In fact, the only thing it does serve is fried chicken…Panama’s best fried chicken. This chicken is so popular that it’s made in limited quantity each day, and when it runs out, the stand closes. We recommend to go early afternoon, and get as many pieces as you can!

3. Donde Jose (Panama City):

Many say this is Panama City’s #1 restaurant, and it’s pretty easy to see why while you’re there. “Donde Jose” is the brilliant creation of Chef Jose Caries, who aims to tell a story with each meal, choosing and naming dishes based on local experiences, folklore, and his own imagination. The restaurant is reservation-only, and is truly an experience over a simple dinner. Prepare to be taken on a journey of the senses with food, drinks, and an incredible Casco Viejo ambience.

4. La Vista Experience (Isla Taboga):

The word “experience” is crucial here, because part of eating there is actually also traveling there! For $150, you will be met by a chartered ferry with other dinner guests, welcomed with champagne and beer, and whisked away to a small island about 20-30 minutes away from the city in the Bay of Panama. From there you’re escorted to the restaurant, where you’ll have 6 courses of fine dining, accompanied by wine, and finished off with a ride back to the mainland. Priced at $150 per person (including everything) you’ll love this for special events, romantic dates, or business excursions.

5. Cafe Coca Cola:

Is the food at Cafe Coca Cola amazing? No. Is it worth the experience? Absolutely. This is the oldest restaurant at 143-years-old and has been serving classic Panamanian and American diner-style dishes for what seems like forever. The food is simple, affordable, and YES it’s tasty. This is a place where you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. A place where you can get a club sandwich and Coke for less than $7, and where you can see a unique cross-section of Panamanian life and culture.

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