Corporate Bank Account in Belize

Corporate Bank Account in Belize

Set Up Fees:
For introduction and assistance in setting up Corporate Bank Accounts with our primary correspondent bank in Belize, we charge a set up fee of US$750.


About Belize Banks:

Our corresponding Belize bank was granted Unrestricted “A” Class International Banking License from the Central Bank of Belize in 2003.

They offer international banking services to both personal and corporate clients who are non-residents of Belize. They offer a full range of traditional and non-traditional banking services and accounts in various currencies, demand deposit accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, loans, letters of credit, international transfers, as well as brokerage services for purchase and sale of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

This particular Belize banks’ executive management team has over 50 years of US, Belize and international banking experience, with excellent banking technology. The bank offers excellent privacy, and the legal system in Belize is pro defendant, pro beneficiary. The reserve requirements for banks in Belize are three times the reserve requirements of the United States, while interest rates are more competitive.



This bank offers Currency accounts in United States Dollars (USD), Canadian Dollars (CAD), Great Britain Pounds (GBP), Swiss Francs (CHF) and Euro (EUR) currencies.


Online Banking:

Online banking is available in English, for viewing account transactions, balances, downloading statements, paying credit cards, transfers between accounts, international wire transfers, communicating with bankers through encrypted email, etc.


Credit Cards:

Secured Credit cards are available.


Documentation Requirements:

1. Passport Photocopy: A photocopy of the picture, signature and personal details page of passport must be provided from each signatory, duly notarized by public notary.

2. Bank Reference Letter: Each signatory must provide One original bank reference letter (of the signatory on the account being opened), on the bank’s letterhead, signed by the account representative, with complete contact information of the bank (address, tel, fax, email) for verification purposes, duly notarized by a public notary.

3. Commercial or Professional Reference Letters: Each signatory must provide One original commercial or professional reference letter (of the signatory on the account being opened), on company letterhead, signed by the representative, with complete contact information (address, tel, fax, email) for verification purposes.

4. Company Profile Letter: A letter should be drafted and signed by the signatory(s) of the account being opened, explaining the detailed nature of the clients business, purpose of the account, anticipated account activity (deposits, withdrawals, average balance, etc.), and origin of initial deposit and future deposits.

5. Proof of Address: Each signatory must provide proof of physical address in the form of a utility bill (power, water, cable, phone, etc.) or rental contract or official document proving the clients physical address.

6. Account Applications: Each signatory must sign the respective account applications and signature cards, which may be sent to the client by email.

7. Initial Deposit: The initial deposit must be made by wire transfer once the account is approved by the bank. Please note that all deposits over the value of US$25,000 must be substantiated with documentation proving origin of funds and purpose of funds.


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