Corporate Bank Account in St. Vincent

Corporate Bank Account in St. Vincent

Set Up Fees:
For introduction and assistance in setting up Corporate Bank Accounts with banks in St. Vincent, we charge a set up fee of US$750.

* Time frames for setting up accounts with banks other than our primary correspondent bank may take longer due to additional documentation that may be required.


About Saint Vincent Banks:

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is an independent nation. It is a full member of the British Commonwealth, the United Nations, the Organisation of American States, the International Labour Organisation, Caricom, and the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States.

In 1996, the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines created a new Offshore Finance Authority and enacted a set of laws that not only reflect the best elements of modern offshore legislation, but also accept the reality of today’s information technology. There are up-to-date laws governing International Banks, as well as a law ensuring proper preservation of confidential relationships in financial services. Saint Vincent enforces strict bank secrecy laws, and provides 100% anonymous international banking services. For the international client, whether corporate or private, St Vincent offers a secure and modern environment in which to do business.

The bank we maintain a relationship with has an excellent reputation and it is very advanced technologically for internet banking transactions. All accounts are USD accounts which can receive or send funds by wire transfer through the banks online banking service.

Our recommended bank has an excellent reputation and it is very advanced technologically for internet banking transactions. All accounts are USD accounts which can receive or send funds by wire transfer through the banks online banking service.

The banks customer service staff is available 24 hours a day to attend to clients via telephone or email. In addition, the bank offers online banking in 7 different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Pycckuu, and Chinese.


Online Banking :

Internet access to your corporate bank account is offered through the bank we maintain a relationship with in St. Vincent. The bank uses the utmost in internet security technology so your banking information is 100% secure and confidential. All transactions can be executed online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the internet banking services of our recommended bank. The internet banking services are offered in 7 different languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, Pycckuu, and Chinese.

Using the internet banking service, you can access up to the minute account statements, place funds on your debit card or credit card accounts, and execute international wire transfers to any third party. Sophisticated encryption technology encrypts data as it travels to and from your PC – preventing your sensitive account information from being intercepted and deciphered by unauthorised individuals.

Secured computers and browsers turn your bank transmission data into numeric code, and back again to meaningful information. Each time you begin a banking session online, your computer and the banks system agree on a random number that serves as the key for the rest of the banking “conversation”. While there are billions of possible “keys” – there is only one that will unlock the door to your information, and that is valid only for the current session. The banks computer system is not connected directly to the Internet.

Advanced client security is provided by use of the unique electronic client identification device (DIGIPASS – Client Authentication Device). Digipass is an authentication code and electronic signature generator that provides secure client identification for access to the banks banking system. Using the appropriate algorithm, Digipass generates one-time passwords that are completely unpredictable and different for each device. This system is currently the most advanced technology in internet banking.


Credit Cards:

The bank that we maintain a relationship in St. Vincent currently does not offer credit cards. Only debit cards (Maestro / Cirrus and MasterCard) are available.


Debit Cards:

Through this bank, debit cards are available for individual or corporate bank accounts in St. Vincent. Debit cards allow you to access your funds at ATMs or merchants world-wide that accept Maestro / Cirrus or MasterCard.

The bank offers each client the choice of the daily ATM cash withdrawal limit restrictions, so you can program your debit card to be able to withdraw as much money as you wish from ATM’s. For cash withdrawals, you simply enter your card into any Maestro / Cirrus or Mastercard participating ATM (there are millions of them around the world), enter your pin, select withdrawal from savings, enter the amount of money you wish to withdraw, and the ATM hands you your cash – it’s that simple!

Maestro/Cirrus/MasterCard International Debit Card: Debit cards can be issued for a person (individual) or corporate entity (corporation, foundation, trust, etc.). It can be used for purchases, or for ATM withdrawals at all Maestro / Cirrus / MasterCard participating ATM’s around the globe.

Debit cards are also useful for companies who wish to pay their employees, commissioned agents, or any third party via an international debit card. Through the Maestro / Cirrus / MasterCard debit card, the card holder can access their funds via any ATMs or merchants world-wide that accept Maestro / Cirrus or MasterCard.

This debit card system works as follows: Your company opens a corporate bank account. Each employee (or commissioned agent, etc.) is provided with a debit card that is linked to your company’s account. Through the banks internet banking system, you can electronically transfer any specified amount of funds from your company’s account to each employee’s debit card account.


Interest Rates:

The bank in St. Vincent that we maintain a relationship with offers interest on deposit accounts. Interest rates change from time to time depending on international LIBOR rates. Please contact us for updated interest rate information.


Time Deposits :

Every account holder using the Digipass both via Internet and TeleBank can make several kinds of term deposits for the following periods:

Term ……………..Minimum amount

1 week …………..US $ 500.-
1 month ………….US $ 1,000.-
3 months ………..US $ 1,000.-
6 months ………..US $ 1,000.-
9 months ………..US $ 1,000.-
12 months ………US $ 1,000.-

Terms and conditions of the deposit accounts are subject to change. Valid terms are specified in the Public Notice of the bank. At maturity, interest earned will be credited to your bank account.

In the absence of client instructions to the contrary, for the benefit of the account holder’s, the Bank will AUTOMATICALLY renew the deposit on the day following maturity, for a period corresponding to that of the original deposit.

*Information published on this site is subject to change without notice. We do not guarantee the accuracy of these rates or deposit amounts as the bank may change rates or deposit amounts without notification. Quoted rates may vary depending on the LIBOR (London InterBank Offering Rate) and may be subject to minimum deposits and/or minimum balance requirements and/or certain terms for deposit accounts.


Savings Accounts:

The St. Vincent bank that we maintain a relationship with offers savings accounts with the following features:

– Set Up Fee is US$750
– Corporate or Personal Accounts.
– No Minimum Initial Deposit.
– No Minimum Balance Requirement.
– Low Monthly Maintenance Fees.
– Account statements may be accessed online.
– Wire transfers may be executed online.
– English Speaking Customer Service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
– Friendly Online or Telephone Customer Service.
– Debit Cards are available for Corporate or Personal accounts.

* Interest payment qualification may be subject to a minimum balance requirement.


Miscellaneous Fees (In US$):

– Account Set Up Fee: $750

* Acceptable deposits are wire transfers in USD.


Documentation Requirements:

For introduction and assistance with the set up of Corporate Bank Accounts in St. Vincent, the bank requires that the client provide the following documentation:

A. Photocopy of passport and drivers license for each signatory. The photocopy of passport and drivers license should have the photo of the person, signature, personal details, should be clear and legible, and MUST BE NOTARIZED.

B. Proof of Address. Proof of address of each signatory is required by the bank, which can be a utility bill such as a phone bill, electric bill, cable bill, etc. as long as it shows your physical address (P.O. Box is not accepted).

C. Signed Account Applications. If you wish to be the signatory on the account, then you must sign the bank account applications. As account signatory, you will have the power to execute all types of banking functions with your corporate bank account.

* Documentation requirements are subject to change without notice.
** Banks other than the ones we have relationships with may require other documentation.


Set Up Procedures:

Below we have included bank account set up procedures for the St. Vincent bank we maintain a relationship with (Please note that set up procedures may be different if dealing with other banks):

A. Submit an Online Application – Click on “Order Now“, and complete an online application, then hit “submit”.

B. Submit Payment – Payment can be made by Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union Money Transfer, E-Gold, USD Check, or USD International Money Order.

C. Receive Documents – Once we receive payment, we will forward you the corporate documents and account applications for your signature. You should sign the account applications where indicated, and forward them back to us along with the required documentation.

D. Account is Set Up – When we receive the signed applications and required documentation, the account applications will be completed with the corporate information, and forwarded to the bank. The account number will generally be provided within 7 to 10 business days from the date the documents are submitted to the bank.

E. Begin Using Account – Once the bank issues the account number, you will receive the complete account protocol for making deposits, executing wire transfers, contact information of the bank, digipass, online access codes, etc.


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