Corporate Bank Account in Switzerland

Corporate Bank Account in Switzerland

Set Up Fees:
For introduction and assistance in setting up Corporate Bank Accounts with our primary correspondent bank in Switzerland, we charge a set up fee of US$1,000.


About Switzerland Bank:

Our correspondent Swiss Bank is a very reputable investment bank for high net worth clients, who benefit from the substantial capital reserves and resources of Switzerland’s sixth-largest banking group with 13,000 employees serving clients in 18 countries world-wide, with shareholders’ equity of over CHF 3.7 Billion. Clients also enjoy personalized, unparalleled service quality through it’s private banking department.



Our correspondent Swiss bank offers Multi-Currency accounts (USD, EURO, CHF, etc.).


Online Banking:

Online banking is available in English, for viewing account transactions, balances, downloading statements, paying credit cards, transfers between accounts, international wire transfers, communicating with bankers through encrypted email, etc.


Credit Cards:

Secured Credit Cards are available.


Debit Cards:

Debit cards are available for personal accounts.


Documentation Requirements:

Minimum Deposit: Our correspondent Swiss bank requires a minimum deposit of US$300,000 to open an account.

This correspondent Swiss bank accepts accounts for offshore corporations or foundations with US citizens as signatories; however, each US signatory must sign a W-9 Form. PERSONAL INTERVIEW IS REQUIRED WITHIN 6 MONTHS FROM DATE THAT ACCOUNT IS FUNDED / OPENED.

Documentation Requirements:

1. Passport Photocopy: A photocopy of the picture, signature and personal details page of passport must be provided from each signatory, duly notarized by public notary.

2. Proof of Address: a Utility bill showing physical address must be provided.

3. Bank Reference Letter: Each signatory must provide One original bank reference letter (of the signatory on the account being opened), on the bank’s letterhead, signed by the account representative, with complete contact information of the bank (address, tel, fax, email) for verification purposes, duly notarized by a public notary.

4. Personal Resume (Curriculum Vitae): Each signatory must provide a personal resume (curriculum vitae) including source of wealth information.

5. Account Applications: Each signatory must sign the respective account applications and signature cards, which may be sent to the client by email, and must be duly notarized by public notary.

6. Initial Deposit: The minimum initial deposit of US$300,000 must be made by wire transfer once the account is approved by the bank.

7. Personal Interview: The personal interview is required within the first 6 months of opening the account. If you do not visit the bank, the banker will visit you at your expense.


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