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Creating a Delaware Corporation

According to Wikipedia, the majority of U.S. public traded corporations and 61% of the Fortune 500 companies are Delaware corporations.

Delaware is also considered to have the most well developed corporate case law history than any other state in the U.S.  Its stable legal platform resolves civil legal disputes in a speed manner without jury trials.

Here are the Benefits of Owning a Delaware Corporation:

• One person can be the sole director, officer, and shareholder.

• Directors, officers, and shareholders do not have to be Delaware residents.

• Board of Directors members do not have to be shareholders.

• No Delaware income tax is imposed in Delaware corporations conducting all of their business outside of the state.

• No sales tax or personal property taxes in Delaware

• Corporate records do not have to be stored in Delaware.

• Corporate meetings do not have to be held and shareholders can conduct all business solely in writing.

• Several types of business can be conducted under one corporation.

• Shareholders have limited liability for the corporation’s debts or civil judgments.

• No personal income tax imposed on non-residents.

• A Delaware Corporation can be created within one business day.

The fee for creating a Delaware Corporation is $1,500 USD

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