Panama Foundation Package Offer

POLS Attorneys offers clients the ability to protect their assets through the formation of a Panama Private Interest Foundation, also known as a Panama Foundation. We work with clients across the global to create foundations for a person or persons, families, as well as for a specific social purpose.

Take advantage of our Exclusive Panama Foundation Package Offer!

For a limited time, we are currently offering this Exclusive Panama Foundation Package from US$1,000 + $400 Tax = $1,400 Total (add optional courier fee & sales tax)

Our Panama Foundation Package includes the following:

1. Panama Foundation – complete with:
a. Original Foundation Charter in Spanish,
b. Official English Translation of Foundation Charter,
c. Resident agent,
d. Registered office,
e. Optional nominee council (directors),
f. Pre-signed, undated nominee council resignation letters (notarized),
g. Private Protectorate Document (Notarized),
h. Example Letter of Wishes.
i. Panamanian Government Registration Fees.

Note: *Panama Foundations do not have shares, as corporations do.  Instead, Panama foundations include a notarized Private Protectorate Document. The Protector appoints the Beneficiaries through a Private Letter of Wishes.

2. General Power of Attorney – We will provide a General Power of Attorney (Notarized and Appostiled) that has a blank space so you can insert any name you want to appoint. The person whose name appears in the Power of Attorney can then actually sign contracts, open and operate bank or brokerage accounts, etc. on behalf of the Panama Foundation.

3. Offshore Corporate Brokerage Account – with the following features:
a. Corporate Cirrus Debit Card (optional) for access to cash via ATM’s around the globe.
b. Multi-Currency Accounts.
c. Internet Access for trading using secured password and user ID.
d. Access to investments in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, options, forex, commodities and money markets on any major securities exchange around the globe.
e. Reputable, registered, licensed international brokerage firm.
f. Insured accounts.
g. English & Spanish speaking, licensed brokers on staff to provide investment advice or guidance.

* Add a Corporate Bank Account to the above package for only US$700!
Corporate Bank Account includes:

a. Internet Access to account.
b. Investments in time deposits (Certificates of Deposit).
c. Reputable, licensed, secure international bank.
d. English speaking customer service.
e. Corporate Credit cards available (optional) for access to cash via ATM’s around the globe.

That is correct! If you do your research, others are charging 3 to 4 times more than us!

Note: Please add to your order if you would like your documents sent by guaranteed 3 day worldwide Courier Service (US$50 to America, US$75 to Europe, US$90 to Asia). Otherwise, your documents will be sent by regular post mail, which may take up to 6 weeks for delivery.


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