Nevada Corporation

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Creating a Nevada Corporation

The state of Nevada is a popular place to create a corporation because of its laws providing better protections against hostile takeovers and extreme protection against piercing the corporate veil which protects the owners being held responsible for the corporation’s actions.

Here are other Benefits of Owning a Nevada Corporation:

• Nevada has no corporation income tax.

• Nevada doesn’t have a personal income tax.

• Nevada doesn’t have a corporate franchise tax.

• Directors, officers, and shareholders do not have to be U.S. citizens.

• Meetings do not have to be live or held in Nevada.

• Directors do not have to be shareholders.

• One person can be the director, officer, and shareholder.

• Nevada has no cash restrictions meaning that stocks can be issued for cash, services, or property at the discretion of the board of directors.

• Nominee directors and officers are allowed.

• Nevada limits lawsuit liability against directors, officers, and shareholders except for fraud committed by such persons.

• Nevada does not require filing a list of corporate assets.

• No public records filings of the names of shareholders.

Our fee for creating a Nevada Corporation is $1,500 USD.

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