Panama Offshore Bank Account

As a specialist in Panama offshore banking, we have helped 1,000s of clients establish a Panama bank account. Whether you are interested in setting up a personal bank account in Panama, or are looking to create a offshore corporation with corporate bank account, we can help.

We realize that the type of Panama bank account you select is essential for achieving your objectives, so we have provided a variety of Panama bank account types to choose from. If you would like to set up a bank account through any particular Panama bank or brokerage firm that we do not currently deal with, we can also assist you for a slightly higher set up fee. We have done extensive research to ensure that the recommended financial institutions are secure, stable and reputable. Our experience in creating Panama offshore bank accounts is unmatched. Contact us and get a free offshore banking consult today.

Panama Bank Account

Personal Offshore Bank Accounts

Aside from establishing Panama corporations and Panama corporate bank accounts, we also offer the service of assisting clients to establish offshore personal bank accounts. All Panama bank accounts are set up through our correspondent Panama banks or Panama brokerage firms.

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Corporate Offshore Bank Accounts

Most of our clients need a Panama corporate bank account for their Panama corporation (or Foundation), otherwise the entity is generally useless for achieving their objectives.

POLS offers our clients several choices for their Panama corporate bank accounts. The assistance given is aimed to allow you to establish accounts through any of the correspondent banks or Panama brokerage firms we have relationships with.  We can assist you with setting up offshore bank accounts in Panama as well as several other countries.

Your Panama Corporation or Panama Foundation can achieve the utmost in asset protection by opening a Panama bank account and taking advantage of Panama’s bank secrecy laws.

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Offshore Bank Accounts in other Countries

Though we specialize in Panama offshore banking, we also have longstanding relationships with banks in Belize, Switzerland, and St. Vincent. As a client of POLS we can make introductions on your behalf to recommended banks in one of the above mentioned countries, and help guide you through the process of creating an offshore bank account.

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