Offshore Life Insurance Policies

Offshore Life Insurance Policies are provided through major insurance companies in the Isle of Man, such as Generalli, and Friends Provident.   This enables non-U.S. investors to write off the life insurance premiums while investing tax deferred (or tax free, depending on the country you are from) in an assortment of funds, bonds, etc.

Tax Free
There are 4 tax free benefits.  Offshore life insurance policies offer a tax free build up of cash values, including dividends, interest, and capital.  Borrowing against the cash value is tax free and you can borrow up to 90%.  Receipt of the death benefits is tax free.  It also offers freedom from estate and generation skipping taxes.

Regular Savings
This type of investment is particularly suited to those who wish to save for a particular reason, such as retirement or children’s education funding.  Clients can save consistently from their income (Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually or Annually).

Single Investments
This is where a client invests a larger contribution.  Normally their clients are those who have an investment elsewhere but have recognized the opportunities they offer.

Education Funding
Rising at an annual rate of 7%, worldwide university fees are becoming an increasing problem.  Harvard charged fees of US$46,000 per year in 2009.  An average U.S. university was over US$25,000, while in Europe it was US$22,000 and a top level Latin American University will cost US$12,000 per year.  This company’s top level financial advisors can help clients organize their children’s future. 

People are so busy they need a top notch financial advisor to advise how much money will be needed at their chosen retirement age in order to live their desired lifestyle.

Offshore life insurance policies are an easy and convenient way to save for retirement.  The monthly life insurance premiums can be charged to a credit card.  You choose which funds, stocks, bonds, etc. to make investments in and many of these options are not available through U.S. brokerage firms.    

The Isle of Man is one of the safest jurisdictions for doing banking and making investments because their government insures their financial institutions.

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