Own Offshore Gold Bullion Accounts

Why Own Gold?

Gold has historically been a true alternative to currencies.  During the current worldwide economic crisis governments are simply printing currency without real financial backing.  Gold will always maintain its value while the Euro, U.S. Dollar and other currencies have nothing backing them except the huge debts of the countries printing them.

Own gold as a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation.  Gold has always provided a good return in times of inflation.

Good Rate of Return for Gold

Gold’s rate of return over the past 12 years has been exceptional.   In 2010, gold
rose 29.8% against the U.S. dollar for the 10th year in a row.  In 2011, gold rose higher against 8 major currencies.   The Wall Street Journal on April 6, 2011 stated that gold rose in value over the past 10 years by nearly 470%.

How to Purchase Gold?

Investing in gold mines by buying shares in the corporations which own them is one way.  However, corporate share values depend upon other factors than the price of gold which makes them and any other corporate shares sold on the stock market risky.  Purchasing gold certificates is another alternative which are ownership claims of gold stored in deposits around the world.  However, these certificates can be subject to forgeries, fraud, and have costs such as storage fees and commissions.

Physical Ownership of Gold is a safer option than corporate shares or gold certificates which are no more than a promise to pay.  In a financial crisis all of the share holders and certificate owners would hurry to dispose of their paper for less than what they are worth.  Actual physical ownership of gold is truly worth its weight in gold!

Gold Bars

Investing in gold bars requires purchasing either a one kilogram (32oz.) or a 400 troy ounces (12 kg.) bar.  The international gold market created the troy ounce which is equivalent to 31.1035 grams.  “Troy” is named after the old French city of Troyes which was the center of medieval trading in gold.  It takes a large investment to purchase and store gold bars since most bars are sold in large quantities and not by individual bars.

Tax Advantages

Some countries treat gold differently in their taxation of profits.  The European Union (EU) exempts purchasing and the sale of gold coins and bullion from their VAT tax while trading other precious metals is subject to the VAT.  As of this writing, U.S. taxpayers are not required to report gold stored overseas to the IRS offering a way to store wealth privately.

The Company We Recommend

For over 20 years, the company we deal with has provided rock solid and uninterrupted service handling the private purchase, secure vaulting, and liquidation of gold and silver bullion for its clients.  This track-record has earned the company international recognition, not only from the quality and integrity of its products and services, but also from its dealings within these markets.

Secure Storage

This company will create a “Bailment” contractual relationship for the custodial care of your silver and gold bars.  Ownership always remains with the investor while the bailment process begins with the original purchase of the gold and silver bars, transfer from point of purchase to the company’s vaults where they are stored.

How the Bailment Process Works

The company orders silver or gold bars from a certified LBMA refinery.  The bars are poured, certified, and transported to a secure vault facility by certified armored cars and is fully insured by the worlds’ top insurance carrier while in transit for full market value.

After being unloaded from the armored cars, the individual bars are physically inspected verifying against a “weight list” of the bars from the refinery by a third party Bullion Auditor, a representative of the vault and a representative of the company.

An Independent Trustee reads the reports from the site inspection as well as deposit receipts from the vault for verification against the records of the company and accounts of their clients.

The contract requires that no metals can be removed from the vault without approval of the Independent Trustee, and the presence of a representative of the vault and the third party Bullion Auditor.

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