Own Rare Industrial Metals

Rare industrial metals are used for manufacturing computer chips, LED lighting, nuclear technology, optical memory, lasers, electric car batteries, flat screens and many other industrial uses.

Don’t hold all your eggs in one basket is an appropriate warning during these times of global economic crisis, currency devaluation, and inflation.

Owning gold as a hedge against inflation has gotten a lot of publicity recently.  While gold provides a good return over the years during times of inflation there are other metals providing better returns.

As new technologies rely on these rare metals their prices have increased substantially over the past few years.  Not enough mines exist to keep up with their increasing demand causing a shortage of supply amongst the world’s industries. Market scarcity and supply shortage coupled with the current global economic crisis is expected to increase the prices for rare industrial metals even more in the coming years.  New mines will take years to become operational while the current supply dwindles making these unheard of rare metals more valuable such as: gallium, hafnium, indium, tantalum, tellurium, and bismuth.

Buying these rare metals used to be nearly impossible as the world’s suppliers only sold at wholesale by the ton requiring millions of dollars to purchase.  But, now there is only one company in the entire Western Hemisphere where individuals can purchase these rare metals in small quantities.

Although we are not investment advisors, our firm can recommend a reputable European company with an office in Panama City who offer rare industrial metals along with silver and gold to our clients.

Secure: This company deals directly with Europe’s largest buyer of rare industrial metals which ships customers’ metals to a bonded warehouse vault in Switzerland’s Free Zone which has been in operation since 1923.  Upon the purchase of metals the customer receives an invoice and certificate of ownership which contains the Swiss vault’s storage number and charge number.  The charge number links the metals from the mines to the refinery and to the metal trader.  The metals will be fully insured as they travel from the European metal trader to the Swiss vault.  The shipping process takes around three weeks.  Customers are free to travel to Switzerland with their certificate of ownership to see their metals at the storage vault.

Tax free sale is accomplished if the customer directs this company to sell the metals to an industry buyer in the Swiss Free Zone.  Otherwise, if the metals are removed from the Free Zone and then sold, Switzerland will impose an 8% sales tax. Switzerland does not have a capital gains tax.  The sales proceeds can be transferred to anywhere in the world using any currency.

Increasing value is the big advantage of owning rare industrial metals.  Historical data demonstrates an increase in value of this company’s six metals in a 12 month period of 51% and for Silver 78% (in 2011).

Affordable baskets of these metals are offered in 2011.  Basket A (key industries) contains six metals totaling 69.4 kilos and sells for around $18,750 while basket B (solar energy) contains three metals totaling seven kilos and sells for around $7,300. Back in February of 2009 Basket A cost $10,230 while Basket B cost $4,740.  This amounts to an increase of 80% for basket A and 54% increase for Basket B in just two years!  They also sell silver granulates as a supplement to their two baskets.  In the past year silver has risen in price by 78%.  For the 1st quarter of 2011, their core industrial metals rose by 24%.

Asset protection services are also provided through our firm whereby a Panama corporation or a Panama foundation can purchase these metals for total anonymity and privacy.

The advantages of owning rare industrial metals in addition to their increasing value includes no sales tax or premiums to be paid upon purchase, no capital gains tax in Switzerland, ownership of a crisis proof real asset (unlike currency), protection against inflation, free of stock exchange speculation, plus secure and safe storage in Switzerland. Totally tax free when they are sold.

If you are interested in investing in silver, gold, and rare industrial metals, please Contact Us for an introduction to our recommended investment company.

Following is a list describing some of the rare earth metals and rare industrial metals available to investors through this program.

Rare Earth Metal Indium
Solar Cell
Thin film transistor liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCD)
Nuclear Medicine
Glass coating
Motor industry
Green energy
Flat Screens
Medical Imaging
Low Pressure Sodium Vapor Lamps
Bearings For Engines
Solar Panels


Rare Earth Metal Hafnium
Nuclear Energy
Super Alloys
Cutting Tools
Metal Mirrors
Steel Industry
Nuclear Reactors
Space Craft
Intel, Cars, Navigation, Mobile Phones
Plasma torch


Rare Earth Metal Gallium
Led Lights
Solar Cells
Nuclear Medicine
Military Applications, Hair removal,
Surgery, Printers, Computers, Astronomy
Automobile Industry
GPS Navigation Units
Alloying Constituent For Fillings
Thermometer Fillings


Rare Earth Metal Bismuth
Nuclear Energy
Medical Industry
Water Pipes
Super Chips
Nuclear Reactors
Lead Free Paint
Antiseptic, Ointments, Creams, Pills
Substitute For Lead


Rare Earth Metal Tantalum
Nuclear Energy
Specialty Glass
Ultra Small Electronic Capacitors
Nuclear Reactors
Camera Lenses
Hi End Watches
Implants: Bones & Nails, Prostheses, Dental & Hip Replacement ++


Rare Earth Metal Tellurium
Solar Cells
Metal Industry
Electricity Transfers
Infrared Communications
CD/ DVD/ Blue Ray
Infrared Detectors
Fiber Optics
Allying Constituent For Steel, Cast Iron & Copper Alloys
Cover For Undersea Electric Cables

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