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POLS is a full service English speaking Panama law firm that provides a wide array of legal services and is one of the leading Panama relocation law firms. In order to relocate to Panama our law firm can provide real estate legal services, escrow services, immigration visa services, commercial law which includes starting a new Panama business or purchasing an existing one, and we also can provide virtual office and mail forwarding services. In other words, we can provide all your legal Panama relocation needs.

Attorneys helping you relocate to Panama need to know all of the Panama laws related to real estate purchases and leasing properties whether residential or commercial. We also have very good relationships with reliable, professional English speaking Panama real estate agents who can find the perfect home, condominium, or apartment to purchase or rent. The same goes for office or business premises to purchase or lease. Our escrow services include real estate, vehicles, and other physical properties not provided by other Panama relocation law firms.

Panama offers a variety of permanent residence visa programs. There are more than 20 immigration visas to choose from making Panama one of the easiest countries to migrate to. For instance, if you are a citizen of one of the 48 countries Panama considers to be “friendly” and can contribute economically by either getting hired by a Panama company to work as a “professional” or can purchase an existing Panama company or create a new company; a permanent residency visa can be applied for your entire family (spouse and dependents) which will be “fast tracked” by the immigration office. So, Panama relocation lawyers are able to provide full immigration services.

When relocating to Panama, you should also consider a legal team that can help with commercial services. Finding and doing due diligence of an existing Panama business to purchase is a useful Panama relocation service. In addition, our law firm can form new Panama legal entities like a Panama offshore corporation or a corporation or company which will do business inside Panama. We can assist the new business with obtaining all of the necessary government and municipal licenses whether it is a bar, restaurant, laundry, or an investment firm.

Before moving to Panama you can use our law office to obtain a Panama City address and our mail forwarding service to create a virtual presence in Panama as another relocating to Panama service we can provide you with. Many of the Panama corporations who we form for our clients take advantage of these services.

Our website is filled with valuable information concerning not only our Panama relocations services but answers for important relocating questions like where are the best schools and hospitals. We even provide relocation information concerning how to get a work permit, getting a Panama driver’s license and driving tips, hiring maids, getting married, and opening bank accounts.

As you can see, our law firm truly offers full Panama relocation services to make your move to Panama more secure, especially knowing that all of the Panama laws pertaining to your move will be handled by competent and knowledgeable English speaking attorneys.

Contact us when you consider relocating to Panama, and we can help make the process quick and easy.

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