Panama Reforestation Visa

Panama Reforestation Investor Visa

The Panama Reforestation Investment Visa is a permanent Panama Resident Visa requiring a minimum Eighty Thousand US Dollars (US$80,000) reforestation investment for a minimum purchase of five (5) hectares of titled land that is part of a Panama government certified reforestation project or forest plantation.  The Panama Reforestation Visa offers Permanent Residency and eventual Panama Citizenship for the investor and his or her spouse and children.

The Panama Reforestation Investor Visa law states the following:  “Foreigners that invest in their personal names or through a legal entity in activities of reforestation or authorized forest plantation, or any other activity authorized by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM), of at least five (5) hectares and whose minimum investment be Eighty Thousand dollars ($80,000) will be able to request this visa.”

In case of including dependents (Spouse or Children) in the Panama Reforestation Visa, the investment should be increased by Two Thousand dollars ($2,000) for each dependent.


  • Safe, high return, long-term investment.  Great for long term retirement planning or future education funding, etc.
  • It is a proven fact that Tropical Rainforests have been slaughtered by man, and are currently near extinction.  An investment in reforestation provides you with the perfect opportunity to do good for the environment by reducing Rainforest depletion. Protecting tropical rainforests are essential for providing a natural habitat for many plants and animals, preserving our climate, purifying the air you breath, and replenishing global water resources.
  • Global populations are growing exponentially, creating larger demands for lumber – its better that the lumber is sourced from sustainable reforested plantations and not from the Rain Forest.
  • Prices of hardwoods have historically increased and the trend continues.
  • The Panamanian Government rewards you with Legal Residency and a Passport in Panama in return for your investment in reforestation.


  • The reforestation project we recommend is certified by the ANAM (Panama’s environmental agency), which qualifies it for all the benefits that a foreign investor could receive from a reforestation investment.  The forestry project developers have over 20 years experience with solid credentials.  Most importantly, this is the only reforestation company in Panama that has the legal documentation packages ready to go for forestry investor visa processing.
  • Panama forestry investments provides the reforestation investor with legal residency and optional citizenship /passport in return for investing US$80,000 in reforestation in Panama.
  • More land for your money (30% more land than other projects provide).
  • Legitimate legal title to your land (you even have the option of purchasing optional title insurance).
  • This project only uses seeds and trees from a certified nursery where only the best specimens are used.
  • This project creates an eco-system that provides improved conditions to resist pests, tree diseases, and storms.  Also, this reforestation project provides a benefit to the environment.
  • Includes a complete reforestation maintenance contract included with the investment for 10 years.  Most other projects do not include a maintenance contract.
  • This project’s agricultural engineers and project managers live within the reforestation area, providing the guarantee of close maintenance.
  • This project offers the investor the option to re-harvest the land after you have cut and sold the lumber for profit – since you own the land, you can do what ever you want with it.
  • Teak hardwood tree species cultured in this project already have a high demand.  Based on historical global demand and dwindling global supply, we expect the price to increase and demand to continue increasing well into the future.
  • The tropical climate of Panama makes it ideal for reforestation, according to the worlds most recognized hardwood experts.


Here are the basic requirements for Panama Reforestation Visas:

  • All visa applications must be processed by a Panamanian lawyer.
  • All overseas documents must be authenticated by a Panamanian Consulate nearest you or by Apostil (an apostil is an internationally recognized form of authentication of documents – generally done through the ministry of foreign affairs or secretary of state).
  • All applicants must provide a Police Clearance report (criminal history record).  For US citizens, an FBI criminal history clearance report is required.
  • All documents must be issued no more than 4 months prior to submitting the visa application.
  • Passports must have at least 6 months remaining before expiration, at the moment of submitting the visa application.
  • Dependents (Spouse and children under 18 or up to 25 if they are in school) can be included in the residency, however, the investment must be increased by Two Thousand US Dollars (US$2000) per additional dependent.  The Spouse must provide a legal marriage certificate.  Children must provide birth certificates.
  • Applicant and dependants must present themselves in person to the Immigration office for the initial application and subsequent renewals.
  • Initial Application: Expect to be in Panama for 10 business days.  After registering and submitting all documents, immigration will issue a provisional resident visa.

Note:  Panama Immigration does not permit people to visit the Panama immigration office wearing shorts, t-shirts, or sandals.  You must wear long pants, shirt with collar, and shoes.

After the immigration visa is approved, please plan to visit Panama for two weeks to process your resident card.  At that time, immigration may hold onto your passport for 5 business days while they insert the official resident visa stamps and information in the passport.


In addition to the basic requirements established in Article 28 of the Decree Law, the applicant must submit the following documents (our law firm will provide these documents if the reforestation investment was transacted through our firm):

1. In the case of using a legal entity (corporation) as holder of the reforestation property, applicants should present: affidavits by the secretary or treasurer of the business (cannot be from the applicants), verifying the activities, the ownership of the nominative shares emitted in favor of the foreign applicant, fully completed, with the total capital stock;

2. Certification of a Panamanian Authorized Public Accountant (CPA) that details the grand total invested directly in the activity of reforestation and that the capital was paid by the applicant.  (The CPA should include copy of the decree and of the card in force);

3. Authenticated certificate of shares in favor of the Panama Reforestation Investor (the applicant);

4. Copies of the official tax return of the business, where the capital invested appears. If a fiscal period has not yet lapsed since the creation of the business, then the copy of the certification of inscription of the Corporate Tax ID (RUC) should be presented;

5. Copies of the resolution by the National Environmental Authority (ANAM) of the Forestry Registration Certification;

6. Original Public Registry certification of the inscriptions of the business and the property title;

7. Proof that the investment is directly in activities of reforestation, with a minimum of Eighty Thousand dollars ($80,000) which can be proven with documents including:

a. Banking Certification of the funds transfer or of the payment (obligatory);
b. Audited Financial Statement;
c. Commercial bills of buying and selling;
d. Documents of merchandise importing;

To request an extension, besides the requirements mentioned above, the applicant must submit the following documents:

1. Certificate of Incumbency (Paz y Salvo) of the applicant;

2. Bills or other documents that show disbursements performed in the last year for the reforestation project, or certification of the company that is carrying out the maintenance plan, showing that the contract continues in force.

Procedure for obtaining a Panama Reforestation Investor Visa:

  • Minimum investment of $80,000 for purchasing at least five (5) hectares.
  • Applicant and dependants must present themselves in person to the Immigration office for the initial application and subsequent renewals.

The procedure for all resident permits (visas) is now the following:

  1. Register passport at Immigration.
  2. Present application with all required documents to immigration, with Government fees & Repatriation Deposit (if applicable).
  3. Immigration department issues applicant a Temporary Permit (Visa) & Multiple Entry-Exit Visa.
  4. Immigration department issues applicant 2 year Temporary Permit (Visa).
  5. Immigration department issues applicant another Temporary Permit (Visa) & Multiple Entry-Exit Visa.
  6. Immigration department issues applicant Permanent Residency Permit (Visa).
  7. After 5 years of Permanent Resident status, applicant may apply for citizenship through Naturalization process (once a citizen, then passport may be obtained).

Immigration Processing Fees for Panama Reforestation Large Investment Visa

For Primary Applicant:

Stage 1:
Legal Fee – 2 year Panama Temporary Immigrant Visa: US $2,000
Government Fees and Costs: – To Tesoro Nacional (National Treasury): US $250

  • Repatriation Deposit (refundable once permanent visa is approved): US $800
  • Other Fees: US $350

Total Government Fees & Repatriation Deposit: US $1,400

Stage 2:
Legal Fee – Panama Permanent Residency Visa: US $1,500
Government Fees and Costs: US $500

Stage 3 (optional):
Legal Fee – Panama Naturalization (Citizen / Passport): US $5,000
Government Fees and Costs: US $2,000

For Dependents (spouse or children under 18 yrs):

Stage 1:
Legal Fee – 2 year Panama Temporary Immigrant Visa: US $1,500
Government Fees and Costs: – To Tesoro Nacional (National Treasury): US $250

  • Repatriation Deposit (refundable once permanent visa is approved): US $800
  • Other Fees: US $350

Total Government Fees & Repatriation Deposit: US $1,400

Stage 2:
Legal Fee – Panama Permanent Residency Visa: US $1,500
Government Fees and Costs: US $500

Stage 3 (optional):
Legal Fee – Panama Naturalization (Citizen / Passport): US $5,000
Government Fees and Costs: US $2,000

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The corporation that holds the reforested property title, must file an annual tax declaration in Panama, which is needed for the renewal of the resident visa.  The accountant that files the annual tax declaration for the corporation charges US$200.

Multiple Entry & Exit Visa (Optional): Foreigners applying for residency wishing to leave and return to Panama prior to receiving their temporary residency must obtain a Multiple Entry & Exit Visa.  The Multiple Entry & Exit Visa should be applied for after or at the same time that any type of visa is applied for.  The Multiple Entry & Exit Visa allows you to enter and exit the country as many times as necessary.  For more information about the Multiple Entry & Exit Visa, please CLICK HERE

If you are interested in relocating to Panama, or obtaining legal residency in Panama, please contact us for a personal consultation with POLS.

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